Saturday, November 19, 2011

On my Mind at Twenty-Nine...

That's right guys, I turned 29 years old 3 days ago.  

I honestly can't believe I'm 29...hence the face!  

I felt like 29 was sort of like the long lost birthday.  Nothing big.  There to just make you feel old.  No, I don't think 30 is old---in fact, when I think of 30 it is young and fun.  I think 29 is older than thirty for reasons that my mind could never articulate.  Anybody out there with me?

Moving on....and I will switch to bullets because of the paragraph before :-)

~~Brent did awesome, he got me a nice new pair of blue jeans and the tall brown boots I was wanting.
~~Note to self, when Brent ask for a list...Make sure he gets one!
~~My dear Husband turns THIRTY on December 1st (for these two weeks we get to be the same age)
~~I am in the midst of planning his 30th Birthday Bash.  We are going all out.  I can't wait to share!
~~Hindsight 20/20, I wish I would have kept it a surprise.
~~His party is the present :-)
~~I have the best neighbors in the world.  Chris didn't realize it at the time, but he was in charge of cooking my 29th birthday dinner...and it was fabulous!  Brent had to work until 830 that night.
~~I started using a "time resisting" night cream.
~~The Hardins are adding to the family tree!!  Nope, it's not me.  Mark and Cassey are due in May and I'm so excited, can't wait to meet this sweet butter bean!!
~~I've got the baby bug again too!
~~To Bad my OB recommends insists I wait a whole year before trying after my c-section.
~~I really need to join a gym, but Brent says no.
~~What I really need, is some self-discipline to work out and eat healthy!
~~I love coffee and must have at least four cups a day to function at my best :-)
~~I am sooooo excited about Hampton's first Christmas.  Nobody else seems to be, what is up?!?  I can't wait!

Here's to you, 29.

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