Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm Behind (9 months)

Hampton at 9 months.

You have been quite the little stinker these past few weeks :-)  You are no longer content to sit and play for hours....You want to go and get things now, but unfortunately this is proving to be a little on the difficult side.  Right now, you can only go in circles and reverse.  This leads to a good bit of whining.  However, I predict you will be crawling by next month and walking shortly after.  You love to stand up.

Sleeping is not going so well.  We put you down in your crib and you wake up around 1am.  I scoop you up, give you a bottle, put you in bed with us, and then give you a bottle (which you can now hold on your own).  I know, parents of the year, right?!  This has been going on since Thanksgiving.  We figured we might as well not try to remedy the situation since we would be going back to MS for over a week at Christmas.  NOTE:  we started last night with "cry it out."  He only cried 20 minutes and then he was asleep.  He woke up a couple of times during the night, but only whined for about 5-10 minutes before sleeping until 730 this morning.  Tonight, he is currently crying and it seems to be worse than last night.  What is up with that?  But, I am sticking with it.  Brent and I are in desperate need of a good night's sleep...for the sake of our sanity, marriage and health :-)

You weigh right at 20 lbs.

Size 3 diaper.

I'm pretty sure you are ready for table food and we have tried a few small pieces here and there, but I'm paranoid you will I tend to stick with baby food, crackers, and yogurt.  Blueberry yogurt is your favorite.

Still saying da-da and as of a couple of days ago can say "ball" and you definitely know what it means.

You are mimicking more things.

You are definitely not a baby anymore and it is just amazing watching you learn and explore.  I'm literally in awe and think you are a baby genius :-)

The nine month photo shoot did not go so well (we took these right before heading back to MS for Christmas).....Therefore, please refer to the Christmas pictures as your 9 month pictures.

Anyway, just for fun...

Oh yeah, this is your new trick (we had to lower the crib---and then lower the crib again)

Life is so hard.  :-)

I also forgot to mention, his top tooth that was coming in last wasn't his middle, top tooth.  It was the next one over (and now the other side, not the middle, is coming through).  Yes, his smile is a little "rednecky!" 

Love him.

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