Monday, April 23, 2012

1 year appt. (at 13 months)

We finally got in to see Dr. John for Hampton's 1 year check up.   Here are his stats:

29.1inches long (15%)
21.8 lbs (30%)
18.5inches head circ. (50%)

He also had to get his finger pricked and 2 shots.   Everything looked great and we are so thankful.

At 13 months...
*You are now completely off formula and only drink whole milk.
*You are still taking 2 bottles a day.  One before your afternoon nap and one at bedtime.
*You can point to your teeth when we ask you (well most of the time).  We are learning the rest.
*Got a new bottom tooth to even it up.  4 on top, 4 on bottom.
*Bedtime is between 8:15-9pm and you wake up between 7-8am.
*Usually take a morning cat nap and lately been taking a 2-3 hour afternoon nap.
*Size 4 diaper
*12 mth, and 12-18 month clothes.
*Sign "more."  Do a lot of pointing.
*Constantly falling down and getting bumps and bruises.
*You are officially into everything.
*Love to be outside and sticks.
*We are still doing some baby food to squeeze in some fruit and vegis because I cannot get you to eat your table foods.  Except bananas, puffs, cheerios, veggie stixs, and yogurt melts.
*Most of the time you are quite serious and focused.  I didn't really realize what a serious baby you were until we were on vacation and Adam Stewart was goofing off with you in the pool and you were not amused in the least.  His little girl who is about 4 months younger than you was eating it up!  Don't get me wrong, you are definitely a happy, content, and go-with-the-flow baby.

Things I'm loving right now...
*The way you reach for my hand to hold before you go down stairs or walk on uneven surfaces.
*The way you lay your head on my shoulder and hug my neck every morning when I come get you.
*The way you will turn my head with your hand to see what you are pointing at.  I did not realize, but every time you would point to something either I had already glanced at it or I knew what you were pointing at so I would always just look at you and say, "I see that [insert whatever he's pointing at]."  Poor thing thought his Momma just never looked.  Now, I try to look for an extended amount of time!
*The dimple in your right cheek.

This is such a fun time.  I love watching you learn.  I also love watching as your little personality develops.  You are a special little boy and we love you so very much.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes, we were a little surprised...

Actually, Brent and I were both a little shocked to find out I was pregnant with baby Hardin # 2.  And yes, between my R.N. and Brent's M.D. we know how little babies are made :-)  Anyway, we had been in Birmingham for Brent's mom's transplant that weekend and came home on Sunday.  It was Superbowl Sunday and we had a party to go to that night so when we got into town I ran into the grocery store to pick up some things to bring and decided to throw a $1 pregnancy test in the basket, just to make sure...  Well, lo and behold two pink lines showed up before I could even stand up!!  

I walked around in disbelief for several days as the idea of having two babies settled in.  Don't get me wrong, we were absolutely over the moon thrilled from the moment we saw those two little pink lines....just a little surprised!  And who doesn't love a good GREAT surprise?!?  Truly, it brings tears to my eyes thinking how incredibly blessed and undeserving Brent and I are of another one of God's greatest gifts.  Off subject, I love the stories of parents whose youngest child is around 10 and they get the big surprise :-) 

Hampton and the baby will be 18 months apart.  How much fun will that be for the two of them (in a couple of years)--I pray they will always be best friends.  However,  I'm exhausted just thinking about it. 

The first ultrasound (7wks).  HR 138.

This pregnancy has been very similar to Hampton's.  I was extremely tired from about 6-10 weeks.  I was also nauseous, but never sick, most mornings and evenings.  Unlike when I was pregnant with Hampton and craved fresh fruit and breakfast type stuff like toast and cereal, nothing sounded good to me at the beginning of this pregnancy and I could not make myself drink plain water.  It was pretty miserable in that regard.  Then I started craving sweets....but just when I finished the last bite of a big ole cupcake or brownie it never failed that I decided that was NOT what I had wanted.   

I'm feeling great now.  I'll be back soon with a "formal" pregnancy update.

If you get a chance PLEASE weigh in on the next big question (top, right corner).....Will it be a boy or a girl?  I have lots of thoughts regarding this subject that I also plan on sharing soon.  We find out May 15th.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Hey there "Peeps!"  

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  We sure did.  Hampton's Nina, Paw Paw, and Aunt Jilly all came to see him in Knoxville to celebrate!  

The Egg Hunt...

Easter Morning... (we were early to church :-)

I know I'm his mother, but I don't think Hampton has every looked so cute :-)
I really could eat him up.  1 year olds are the best!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break 2011

Brent had a Urology conference in Amelia Island so we decided to make a trip of it!  The conference started on Thursday so we went down the Sunday before.  It was our first vacation as a family of three.  We ended up having a great time.  I was a little nervous when we pulled up to the Ritz on Sunday after our 8 hour drive to get there (we pulled out of our driveway in Knoxville at seven am on the dot)....we honestly looked like the Clampetts and I was not sure if this was the place to bring our one year old to :-)  It ended up being very kid friendly and luckily we had beautiful weather the whole week.  Also, Brent's parents came in on Wednesday, so that was quite nice.  Hampton loved the pool but was terrified of the ocean.  He doesn't mind the sand except that there is an ocean way too close for comfort.

 This is the life.

 Nap time by the pool.  The breeze was chilly, especially if you were wet and in the shade.

 This is Hampton clinging to us for dear life....

 We had to literally pry him off.

and then the water got him and we had to leave.  break my heart.  that was his daddy doing.

Whew, I think I've finally got this little ole blog caught up.

By the way, I'm blogging this while Hampton naps.  I'm loving my new gig :-)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Hampton!

 Location:  Amelia Island, FL @ the Ritz Carlton
Party Goers:  Mom, Dad, Grand-dad Hardin, Phyl, and the Stewarts

You were not impressed with the cake.  Obviously, not your mother's child in this regard :-)

This last picture is my absolute favorite picture to date.  Can we say "FRAMER!"

Hampton at One Year Old....

**You prefer to walk now.
**Just started to enjoy books and will actually bring us books.  Your favorite is Spot Goes to the Library.  This is actually the only one you bring us :-)
**You also love to eat paper and electrical sockets. Why?
**You have 7 teeth.  4 on top, 3 on bottom.
**Still taking 4-5 bottles a day.  As of one, you are suppose to transition to only sippy cup.  I have no clue how to go about this.  Although, you are really good at a sippy cup.  
**Prefer water over juice.
**Not a big fan of whole milk, but will tolerate a little.
**You poop once a day.  (Sorry if that was too much information, but as his mom I feel like I might want to remember that.   Don't ask?)
**Sleep about 9-10 hours at night in your crib.  Wake up about 6am.  You will usually go back to sleep in our bed after a bottle for another hour sometimes two.
**Usually take a shorter morning nap and longer afternoon nap.  At daycare you usually only slept for an hour total.  I'm so glad you will finally be able to get some rest!
**You love Puffs, bananas, cheese toast, and yogurt.  Everything else is hit or miss.  One day you will love pizza, the next you swipe it off your tray like I'm some witch for even thinking you would touch that.  I can't figure it out and its becoming a tad bit frustrating.  You love baby food....and I've reverted back to giving you a serving with each meal to be sure you're getting some vegis in there.
**Still LOVE Mickey Mouse.  
**Only have 3 words.  Ball, Dada, and Mama
**Love to look for birds and will point to the sky if we ask you where they are.
**Size 4 diaper.

Hampton,  you are a true joy.  Your daddy and I are so blessed and honored to be your parents.  This has been the best year ever.  We love you more than you will ever know.