Monday, April 23, 2012

1 year appt. (at 13 months)

We finally got in to see Dr. John for Hampton's 1 year check up.   Here are his stats:

29.1inches long (15%)
21.8 lbs (30%)
18.5inches head circ. (50%)

He also had to get his finger pricked and 2 shots.   Everything looked great and we are so thankful.

At 13 months...
*You are now completely off formula and only drink whole milk.
*You are still taking 2 bottles a day.  One before your afternoon nap and one at bedtime.
*You can point to your teeth when we ask you (well most of the time).  We are learning the rest.
*Got a new bottom tooth to even it up.  4 on top, 4 on bottom.
*Bedtime is between 8:15-9pm and you wake up between 7-8am.
*Usually take a morning cat nap and lately been taking a 2-3 hour afternoon nap.
*Size 4 diaper
*12 mth, and 12-18 month clothes.
*Sign "more."  Do a lot of pointing.
*Constantly falling down and getting bumps and bruises.
*You are officially into everything.
*Love to be outside and sticks.
*We are still doing some baby food to squeeze in some fruit and vegis because I cannot get you to eat your table foods.  Except bananas, puffs, cheerios, veggie stixs, and yogurt melts.
*Most of the time you are quite serious and focused.  I didn't really realize what a serious baby you were until we were on vacation and Adam Stewart was goofing off with you in the pool and you were not amused in the least.  His little girl who is about 4 months younger than you was eating it up!  Don't get me wrong, you are definitely a happy, content, and go-with-the-flow baby.

Things I'm loving right now...
*The way you reach for my hand to hold before you go down stairs or walk on uneven surfaces.
*The way you lay your head on my shoulder and hug my neck every morning when I come get you.
*The way you will turn my head with your hand to see what you are pointing at.  I did not realize, but every time you would point to something either I had already glanced at it or I knew what you were pointing at so I would always just look at you and say, "I see that [insert whatever he's pointing at]."  Poor thing thought his Momma just never looked.  Now, I try to look for an extended amount of time!
*The dimple in your right cheek.

This is such a fun time.  I love watching you learn.  I also love watching as your little personality develops.  You are a special little boy and we love you so very much.

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