Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Hampton!

 Location:  Amelia Island, FL @ the Ritz Carlton
Party Goers:  Mom, Dad, Grand-dad Hardin, Phyl, and the Stewarts

You were not impressed with the cake.  Obviously, not your mother's child in this regard :-)

This last picture is my absolute favorite picture to date.  Can we say "FRAMER!"

Hampton at One Year Old....

**You prefer to walk now.
**Just started to enjoy books and will actually bring us books.  Your favorite is Spot Goes to the Library.  This is actually the only one you bring us :-)
**You also love to eat paper and electrical sockets. Why?
**You have 7 teeth.  4 on top, 3 on bottom.
**Still taking 4-5 bottles a day.  As of one, you are suppose to transition to only sippy cup.  I have no clue how to go about this.  Although, you are really good at a sippy cup.  
**Prefer water over juice.
**Not a big fan of whole milk, but will tolerate a little.
**You poop once a day.  (Sorry if that was too much information, but as his mom I feel like I might want to remember that.   Don't ask?)
**Sleep about 9-10 hours at night in your crib.  Wake up about 6am.  You will usually go back to sleep in our bed after a bottle for another hour sometimes two.
**Usually take a shorter morning nap and longer afternoon nap.  At daycare you usually only slept for an hour total.  I'm so glad you will finally be able to get some rest!
**You love Puffs, bananas, cheese toast, and yogurt.  Everything else is hit or miss.  One day you will love pizza, the next you swipe it off your tray like I'm some witch for even thinking you would touch that.  I can't figure it out and its becoming a tad bit frustrating.  You love baby food....and I've reverted back to giving you a serving with each meal to be sure you're getting some vegis in there.
**Still LOVE Mickey Mouse.  
**Only have 3 words.  Ball, Dada, and Mama
**Love to look for birds and will point to the sky if we ask you where they are.
**Size 4 diaper.

Hampton,  you are a true joy.  Your daddy and I are so blessed and honored to be your parents.  This has been the best year ever.  We love you more than you will ever know.

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