Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What we've been up to

these are just random pictures from my phone from the last could of weeks.  i'm going to start carrying my camera again soon.

-lots of walks
-play dates
-the zoo
-Gymbugs. We love this place. A big room filled with tons of fun things for toddlers. It is $5 for one hour of free play...worth every penny!
-our neighborhood playground
-Gourmet Market. Great breakfast/lunch place to eat within walking distance.
-playing on our deck
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-reading books

I am LOVING spending every day with my little guy.  I was worried that I may be bored....well, that has certainly not been the case...it's a full time job :-). It recently came out (CNN or Salary.com reported) SAHMs worth 113k per year and work 96 hr per week.  I should have quit a long time ago according to those numbers!

We've also been enjoying tons of time with Brent these last two months as he's been on an "easy" rotation.  Back to reality today, Boohoo!  Can you believe it is MAY 1ST?  Oh my goodness.

What else is up?
-I'm cooking more.
-my house is staying cleaner. (disclaimer: not clean, just cleaner)
-I'm not as tired.
-I'm totally open to week night plans!
-I shave my legs a lot more often.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Happy Tuesday!

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