Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random thoughts (I thought it was time for some words on this blog)

--I put Hampton to bed last night around 715. 10 minutes later he started screaming (the cry you know something isn't right) so I run in there and poor boy had thrown up...a lot. Gross, I know. Totally ruined my appetite, and I had cooked salmon with sweet potato fries. Anyway, I got Hampton and his bed all cleaned up with Brent's help and put him back to bed (~45 min later). No sooner then I had shut the door and looked at the monitor he threw up again. Not as much this time. So, we repeated the clean up. Hampton got to stay up with us and watch lots of Mickey mouse until he literally couldn't hold his eyes open. By then he had thrown up at least two more times. In the end, he didn't have anything left to throw up. It was so pitiful, but he was perfectly fine in-between throw ups. No fever-nothing-just sleepy. We debated letting him sleep with us....but he wasn't about to lay down and fall asleep in our bed with us. He's totally outgrown that! So, I put him in his crib an he was out. I kept the monitor's sound on high all night and he was fine.... I, on the other hand, am a little tired considering I could hear every move he made last night :-). He's been fine today eating and drinking (although I haven't given him any milk yet). I'm thinking he just ate something that didn't sit well? Well, maybe my post should be titled "Hampton threw up last night." hmmmm, what else is going on... --January 2013 is going to be the year I get my body back. Like for reals! Exercise, diet...I mean super healthy. I get two and a half months after the baby comes to continue to indulge. I mean it's perfect timing with Thanksgiving and Christmas being in there. And then it's Donkey Kong! I've even decided that I'm going to do the Nashville music marathon (well, the HALF marathon). Brent has given me a 1 in 30 chance that I'll actually do it:-) Motivation baby !! --I'm still feeling good, just getting bigger and still craving sweets. This baby girl is going to come out crying for a chocolate's insane! --We have a name for our little girl and I LOVE it! However, we had initially decided not to share it..because, let's face it, everyone has an opinion and even when somebody says they like it, I can totally see right through the people who really don't like it :-). Or the other comments you get like "that's unique." We totally changed Hampton's name we had picked out for years after we told everyone. His name was going to be James and call him James. And then we started getting "Lil Jimmy.". Even I started calling him that because I thought it was funny...but knew we had to change it. So, I guess a perk of telling the name is you get to try it out. I'll have to get Brent's permission before I share...we've pretty much told everybody anyway :-). It's so hard not to tell because I like it so much! --We've got a busy July planned. Full of visitors, yea!! And possibly a weekend trip to Blowing Rock! --One Year. That's all the time we have left in Knoxville. Brent will finish his 5 year residency next June. BITTERSWEET. I will say, I think the excitement of this next chapter outweighs the sadness (for me at least). Got to run, Hampton is waking. Forgive the typos, I'm posting from the iPad and I can't figure out how to spellcheck and no time for proof reading! --

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