Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blowing Rock (with kids)

The weekend after my mom and brother came to town we took a trip back to Blowing Rock, NC, with the Blackwells and Arnings.  Remember the last time we went....sans kids and negative 2 degrees?  Well, this trip was a lot different!!  3 babies and more like 90+ degrees...  To me, the best part of weekend trips is that when bedtime comes we don't all have to rush home to put the kids to sleep at 9pm (only to be left staring at our spouses)......we can put them to bed and then hang out and have uninterrupted conversations late into the night (or at least midnight)!

A little cabin time...

And our big excursion to Grandfather Mountain...

Of note:  Hampton had not been in the Baby Bjorn since he was about 6 months :-)  And yes, even my t-shirts don't fit anymore and I vow not to wear this Cheers t-shirt again the rest of my pregnancy :-)

Hampton vs. the Ice Cream Cone

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