Wednesday, September 12, 2012

36 wks

Baby's heart rate was 150.  The Dr. also checked me when she tested for Group B Strep. and I was not dilated at all.  

Weight gain:  29 lbs.  Yes, I am a whale and I feel like a whale!

Maternity clothes:  Yes.  

Sleep:  Okay.

Movement:  All the time!

Food Cravings:  My appetite has actually decreased lately and I have been really trying to eat a little healthier......BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE A WHALE :-)

Woe is Me:  Heartburn, hot flashes, some swelling at the end of the day (I can only wear my rings comfortably 50% of the time),  and the tiredness has creeped back in.  After 3pm all I want to do is sit on the couch.  Unfortunately, Hampton makes this nearly impossible.  And why is it that when you get this far along people start telling you their weird pregnancy stories?  I was getting a slush the other day from Sonic (by the way, the Strawberry Tropical Breeze slush is to die for) and the lady that bought my slush out proceeded to tell me how she delivered her second baby at home in her bed, not on purpose.  Really, I don't even know you?!  So, yes, I'm kind of over being pregnant and just ready to meet this sweet baby girl!  I don't remember ever being this miserable with Hampton.  

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