Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hampton--18 months

I cannot believe you are 18 months old TODAY!  Time has flown by and I can't believe you will be a big brother in less than two weeks.  I'm afraid your little world is about to be rocked and honestly I feel so guilty.  However, anytime I start to get sad about it, I have to remind myself that this [a sibling] is the greatest gift your Dad and I could ever give you.  

Things you Love:  Balls (can kick a ball now), blocks (can build a tower of about 6 or 7 high, dogs, outside, sliding, going for a stroll, Popsicles "sickle, sickle,"  ketchup, black beans, drink boxes, throwing things, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (and now you will watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Handy Manny), brushing your teeth, baths, using a fork and/or spoon.

Things you dislike:  Mother's Morning Out (although I think it's slowly getting better--you cry every time I leave you but you stop by the time I get down the hall and everyday I pick you up the first thing you say is "car, car."  As in, get me the heck out of here.  I also try to be one of the first moms there because you are always at the door going "mama, mama?"  Oh how it breaks my heart, but I know it is good for you to be away from me and get to socialize with others.  I want you to be confident, independent and have fun without me there.  Plus, I am NOT planning on homeschooling so you better get use to it :-)

It's hard to think of other things you dislike.....
definitely being told no, changing your diaper or putting on clothes is a wrestling match 8 out of 10 times, wearing a bib, when Mama or Dada leave.

Still a size 4 diaper.

12-18 month shorts/pants.  18mth-2T shirts.  Size 6 shoe.
(I think I messed up....I've been ordering 24mth and 2T Fall and Christmas outfits and I'm afraid you aren't going to grow into them by then/now.  They are just so long.  Hopefully, they will fit you next year???)

14 teeth (the canines are just poking through now)

Taking one nap a day (usually always for an hour and a half exactly).

Go to bed around 830p and sleep until 8 the next morning.  You have to have a ball (or two) and "Pup Dog" to go to sleep.  And I swear those balls don't leave your hand the whole night.  

Still not saying too many words.  Have added a few such as:
eyy = hey
sickle, sickle = Popsicle
ta-ta = thank you
wa-wa= water

sometimes you will play the game..."can you say _____" and you will give it your best shot. 

You can now make a "dog" sound along with your elephant rendition.  However, your dog sound sounds like you are clearing your is not woof, woof.  I do not know where you got this, but you do it every time.  It's hysterical!

You are running now.  Which in turn has caused quite a few bumps and bruises when your little feet get going too fast.  And good lordy it takes all I have to waddle my big booty and catch you!

Happy 18 months of life, Hampton!!  

We love you more than anything in this world (and you'll always be our baby)!!

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