Monday, October 1, 2012

39 weeks

excuse the hair...we had been walking in the rain!

I had my last OB appt. last Tuesday.  Next up, BABY!

Weight gain:  32 lbs. as of last Tuesday and I do not intend to step on another scale until my post partum visit! 

Maternity clothes:  Yes.  Getting to be slim pickings to cover this belly up.

Sleep:  Insomnia, however, I'm really not that tired during the day.  I think my body is preparing me for NO sleep.

Movement:  It has definitely decreased a little.  More movement at night.

Food Cravings:  Appetite still has decreased.  Not really craving anything.   I don't think I've mentioned this but throughout this whole entire pregnancy...I have gone through about a gallon of milk every 5-7 alone, Brent doesn't drink milk.

So excited to meet this precious little one.  This past weekend was our last weekend as a family of three (yes, she will be here by the end of the week).  We didn't do much....went out to eat on Friday with some friends and hung out all day Saturday watching football.  Sunday, we went to early church and out to eat breakfast and Brent did yard work all day.  I am definitely in freak out nesting mode...but I feel like I'm making more of a mess than anything :-)  

Can't believe the time has come!!
(and on one last side note---I'm so glad to have made it to October.  For some reason, I really wanted an October baby :-)

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