Monday, October 15, 2012

Hampton meets Anne Lowry

So, here is the super excited, proud, loving, new big brother!
One big, happy family.

I LOVE the above picture but boy is it deceiving!  In reality our photo shoot went like this...

Hampton wanted nothing to do with her....and still doesn't :-)

I had gone back and forth whether to even bring him to the hospital or not.  I know, some people were shocked that I would not bring him to the hospital to meet his sister and see where his mom went (ahem, Aunt Marcy), but he's 18 months old so I just figured he would never remember anyways.  I was so afraid he would see me and not want to leave, which would have broken my heart (remember, I had previously only spent 2 nights away from him his whole life and he's such a mama's boy).

Well, HA again!

When he walked in, he wouldn't even come to me.  Thankfully, I had some french fries to lure him into my lap :-)  He warmed up pretty quickly after that.  He probably stayed a good hour then he was ready to go.  And then my little Mama's boy said peace out without even a tear.  The thought of crying after he left crossed my mind, but only for a split second.  I honestly couldn't have been more proud.  It helped that his Nina and Chappy spoiled him rotten and he got to watch Mickey Mouse or any other cartoon EVERY TIME he asked :-)

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