Monday, November 19, 2012


I have so many "blogs" running through my head right, I figure I would just combine them all into one.  The brief versions of course!  

The pictures are from Phyl and Papa Jim's visit.

Just me and the chickens...
I was so fortunate to have "help" for an entire month after Anne Lowry was born.  My mom and Tom were here for a week and a half, then Brent took his week of paternity leave.  Next, Phyl came up for a week--then left for the weekend--and came back with Papa Jim for an additional week.  It was so helpful, seriously, I don't know what I would have done.  Somehow, someway a second child adds more than double the workload.  I'm still not totally sure how it happens, but trust me, it does.  Anyway, I was a little nervous about how me and both the chickens were going to survive by ourselves but we have managed and I will say it is getting a little easier as time goes on.  I still try to avoid taking both kids anywhere unless Brent is there to help :-)  

Oh Hammer,
I'm not going to lie.....we had a rough couple of weeks after bringing Anne Lowry home.  You really started testing my patience for the first time ever....throwing fits like a pro, waking up at 545, going from one thing you know you shouldn't be doing to the next.   I probably said, "no, no Hampton" 324354234 times a day.  And I swear it happened overnight.  You were suddenly into everything, except Anne Lowry :-)  You wanted nothing to do with her (which was fine by us), but weren't ever jealous either. 
It was also as if you had just grown up overnight.  In the two days we were at the hospital you became so much more independent (I was so proud of you).  You also had learned to march, close doors, turn on and off the water in the bath, and had at least three new words.   
Six weeks later things have settled down a bit.  You are still into everything, but I probably only have to say, "no, no Hampton" 64543 times a day.  You are ALL BOY!  Also, seeing your relationship with Anne Lowry or "La La" as you call her develop is so sweet.  At almost 20 months you are already such a good big brother---It is obvious y'all will be best of friends....I'm honestly a little nervous!

Hampton's 18 Month Stats (as of 10/29/12):
Weight:  25lbs 4oz   (35%)
Length:  30.75in  (5%)
Head Circ.:  19.5in (80%)

Goodness Girl...
There was a stretch of about three or four days after everyone had left (you were about 4 wks old) that you gave your dad and me fits.  Mostly your dad though :-)  I'm still not sure what your deal was, but you would just cry and cry if you were awake and no one was holding you (and even then sometimes you would still cry).  There was no just putting you down to get anything done.  I'm pretty sure you were just spoiled (even though I know people say babies can't be spoiled at 1 month :-)  We were tempted to ship you to one of your grandmothers during this time,  just kidding...sort of!!  This was also when your spit-up was out of control!   Thankfully, you have ALWAYS slept good at night usually waking up only once.  

My Bucket List
I think I need to make one.  Maybe a list of 40 things I want to do before I'm 40?
Anyway, I just wanted to document that in the last several weeks I have had a lot of firsts.
* I sewed for the very first time
* I was in an earthquake.  Seriously, I was sitting on the couch (both kiddos were napping) and my house starting shaking, moving back and forth.  It lasted at least 5 seconds....long enough for me to think "okay when do I need to go grab the kids and run for cover."
* I can't remember the third thing ....

I hate breastfeeding.  It is NOT for me.  So, I pump exclusively.  Seriously, I feel like a cow and am always tempted to Mooooo when I get done or ask Brent if he wants a cookie!  I'm not kidding, just call me Bessie.  With Hampton I lasted 10 weeks and then stopped to go back to work.  Right now, I'm still going strong and have a stock pile accumulating in the I told my OB the other day (who is VERY pro breastfeeding) this just means I can quit sooner!  Although, coming into the flu and cold season has motivated me to keep going.  We shall see. 

Glad I got all that off my chest!

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