Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas 2012 Recap

Last Christmas post, I promise.

But I wanted to remember what a great Christmas we had!  I'd even go so far to say, it was the best one in at least 10 years!  Brent had a full 10 days off so we headed back to Mississippi.  It was the first time we had been back in over six months and it was sooo nice to see everyone.  Hampton and Anne Lowry were great the whole trip and out of the almost 20 hours we spent in the car they combined only fussed for maybe two minutes total.  Seriously, I've got the best "car babies" ever!  I will say, in Hampton's case, the ipad helps a lot!

Hampton didn't understand the whole "Christmas and Santa" thing but he loved all the commotion, attention and running wild all day.  He's right at the beginning of actually playing along with and interacting with little kids (cousins) instead of just playing by himself alongside someone else (does that make sense?).    I thought he would like opening presents but he really didn't care at all.  He did love all his new toys....however, he did not love when we tried to take said new toy away so he could open another, but hey---that's got to be confusing to a little kid.   I'd have to say the biggest hits this year would be matchbox cars (from Aunt Jenny) and the Fisher Price Loops and Swoops  (from Phyl and Jimmy), and his chair (from Nina).  However, there are still some toys we haven't even gotten out of the box yet and with a little more practice and a few more months I know he will absolutely love his motorized motorcycle and tractor (he got the hang of the pedal but does not know how to steer)!  He We were seriously spoiled this Christmas.  And I will say I think a fascination with trains is beginning.  He loved the train set up at Phyl's and loved playing with the train tables in Meridian at Paw Paw's and Lake's house.  I'm thinking Santa might need to bring him a train table next Christmas :-)

Anne Lowry also had a big time in Mississippi.  She loved meeting/seeing everyone and did not mind one bit being passed around from one lap to another.  In fact, I'm pretty sure she was in heaven with all the holding and attention she got :-)  I'm going to do her 3 month post next but she is totally not my little newborn anymore which kind of makes me said....but I love seeing her grow up at the same time!

We came back to Knoxville on New Year's Eve and are still trying to recover from all the fun!

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