Thursday, January 17, 2013

The (mommy) X-Files

It has been raining for almost 5 days straight now with snow predicted for late this afternoon.  Luckily, I think someone is building an ark nearby, hopefully they will swing by and pick us up!

Rain or no rain, starting around 5:15 most nights--things at my house start to go south.  Does this happen at your house?  Anne Lowry only wants to be held at the same time Hampton is extra whiny and usually right under my feet.  Well, last night things started to go downhill around 4pm and Brent was on, around 430 I scooped up Hampton for a fun bubble bath (more for something to do rather than to "wash his booty").  This works for Anne Lowry too, she is always up for anyone to take a bath or shower.....she likes the sound.

Okay let me set the scene...

Being the super cool mom I am....we did lots of bubbles.  Anne Lowry is sitting on her boppy lounger enjoying the sounds and I'm parked on the toilet (the lid is down people)  with the iPad probably reading the blog of somebody I don't even know :-)  Hampton is enjoying his bubbles.  I was expecting at least 30 minutes of "fun."  Well, after about ten minutes Hampton starts trying to get out of the tub...which is his signal for I'm done.  "Come on man, don't you want to play a little longer..." Hampton wasn't biting, so I put down the iPad to finish his bath.

I start dumping water on his head to wash his hair and notice some weird almost floating chunks of something.  Remember we have lots of bubbles so I can only see a portion of the water where I just dipped the pitcher to wet Hampton's hair.  My first thought was....yuck, is the pitcher I'm using dirty again.  I was skeptical only because we had just cleaned it with Clorox last week when we noticed some grime in the handle part of it (yeah, now don't you want to go clean yours)!  Anyway, as I further investigate scraping the bubbles away "it" is everywhere and then there is the BIG "it."  No wonder Hampton wanted to get out.

Are you following?  Hampton had pooped in the tub and I couldn't tell because it was hidden underneath all the bubbles.  I had then been scooping it up and pouring poop on top of his head.  Then comes the moment of "what the hell am I suppose to do?"  I started letting the water out and running fresh water to rinse him off, but this was not satisfactory.  So, I pick him up sopping wet and run him to our tub to give him a quick but thorough wash.

Then I had to clean the tub.

Hampton, please remember this story when I'm old and demented and you are looking at nursing facilities to put me in....maybe I earned an upgrade!  I'm not talking about my own wing at your home or anything (though that would be nice :-)  I'm talking about adding an extra morning snack time to my plan or making sure I get a bowl of ice cream with Hershey syrup every night.....ohhh, that second one sounds good!

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