Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rice Cereal

I think she likes it!  She has now tried it three times.  We don't do it this point, we are just doing it for fun.

Hotty Toddy!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Smoozesday

**I removed a sentence from the last blog.  Brent told me it had "five" errors.  I could only find one....but I definitely don't claim to be a good speller or good at grammar!  I know y'all are all dying to know what the sentence was now, hehe!

**Night one of Operation: ShowUm Who's Boss was a success.  Everybody stayed in their own beds.  Anne Lowry did not wake up until eight this morning (she didn't even cry at all--I'm sure it was a fluke).  Hampton woke up several times and cried for at least 45 minutes one of the times.  I say several because I can't even remember, it all started to run together.

**I got Hampton's birthday invitations today....they are really cute.  It combines two of his favorite things...Mickey and trains!  Here's where I have a confession.  The thought has crossed my mind to just put one in his scrapbook in a box where the rest of our loose pictures and old Christmas cards are and just let him assume he had a "cute" birthday party!  Please tell me there are other mothers out there [besides my mom and aunts, apparently its passed down through generations] who do not really look forward to planning and having a "cute" birthday party for a child who will not remember it?!?  Now, I'm all about celebrating and making it a special day.....just not a planned party of sorts.  No, you can't fathom?  I realize I'm probably in the minority.  Anyways, we are having a two year old birthday party, March 23rd!  The fact that he didn't have a first birthday planned party and this is his last year in Knoxville we are going big or going home :-)

**I will be sure to do a big #2 post about Hampton.  He is growing up so fast.  I really should have kept doing monthly updates....nah, monthly updates on one child is enough.

Sorry to cut this so short.  I've got to go to bed.

For those of you still reading....The sentence was:

"Brent nor I had been in over 20 years and were throughly entertained."

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Greatest Show...

We had a blast at the circus last night.  

A little unsure at first

Warming up

Prime real estate in Mama"s lap!

I was a little afraid she was going to be traumatized for life, however, she never so much as whimpered....she loved it!

First look at the elephants!

The zoo will never again be the same :-)

Tonight begins Operation: ShowUm {the chickens} Who's Boss at the Hardin House.  No more giving in to tantrums/whining and absolutely no more sleeping with Mama and Dada, Mr. Hampton.    Sorry Bud, but it is for the sake of your Dad's and my sanity.  [Hampton will take naps and go to bed great in his crib, but he has been waking up in the middle of the night crying until I come and get him since Christmas when we got into some bad habits over our 10 day trip back home]  Little Miss Anne Lowry, you are not getting off easy either.  I foresee a little cry it out in your future too :-(...I was up at 1130p and 515 this morning feeding our little princess!

I hope your week is better than ours!!
(I'll let you know how it goes)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let the "fun" begin!

I  KID.....
I am not looking forward to this although I am anxious to have it behind us.

I cannot believe this time has come.  Definitely bittersweet.  Right now, it feels a little more bitter than sweet.  But, you know what?  That's a good thing.  I remember telling Brent when we were moving up here----that when it came time to leave I just hope and pray we are sad to crying sad.   

Can you smell what I'm cooking??   I did not want us to just make it through these five years, counting down the days when we would move back "home."  More than anything I prayed we would find meaningful relationships.  Believe me, in the first few months here that seemed like an impossible feat.  I remember setting up our checking account here and the girl that helped us seemed about our age and also newly married.  Walking out of the bank I looked at Brent and told him I had almost-- just flat out-- asked her if she wanted to be my friend.  I was becoming desperate :-)  

Then we bought our first home and little did we know that with this house would come so many friendships just by happenstance that we lived in the same neighborhood.  Now, I'm not talking about just a neighborly acquaintance....I mean true, lifelong friendships.  These past 5 years have truly been amazing.  Between us we have welcomed 12 babies (one was already here and he's five now)....and we are not afraid to go out to eat with all of them either :-)  Sad to think that we won't be here when the next baby arrives--that's definitely the bitter part of sweet.  However, each one has assured us they will come and visit....and we have made sure we have room for visitors in our new house!

Now comes the sweet part---

That's right, there is now a new house with a lot more room!  We went down a couple of weekends ago (actually the day Anne Lowry was discharged from the ER) to house hunt and actually made an offer on a house.  We are now under contract!  This would be our new backyard.... 

I can't wait to share more....but I want to make sure it's really ours before I do :-)  More sweetness includes being a lot closer to family and already having friends in our new town....yay for us!  Hopefully, that means I won't be asking the bank teller over for coffee out of desperation but rather just to be nice :-)

Now let's get this house sold people!  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Four Months Old

Big Girl's Stats!

Weight:  15lbs 6.5oz (89%)
Length:  25in (75%)
Head Circ.:  16.75 in (83%)

wish this one wasn't blurry

I'm going to keep this one short....remember I just got back from vacation and we are a little out of whack!  I really think we are out of whack because she is teething (and a tad constipated :-)  However, some big things have happened this month!
--she can now roll over from her back to her stomach like a champ
--she has found her toes (umm, quite possibly in the top 3 of baby cuteness)
--laughs out loud and babbles all the time
--size 3 diaper
--eating 6-7 oz every ?? (whenever she wants)
--usually wakes up once in the middle of the night
--LOVES to watch Hampton
--naps a lot in the morning, not so much in the afternoon
--always falls asleep in the car
--Mama's girl and just barely tolerates her Dada :-)
--size 6 mth clothing

Absolutely smitten with this precious, blue-eyed baby girl.  She already has such a big personality--it is the funniest, cutest thing I have ever seen.  Love watching her grow!

And this almost two year old thinks it's his world and we are just living in it!!  His favorite word right now is "no."  He is definitely keeping us on our toes :-)  Love him to death!  And his big boy hair cut is killing me....he looks so old!

Happy Hump Day, Peeps!

Monday, February 11, 2013


Lucky for us, our neighbor is doing a one year fellowship in Salt Lake City.  So, we and two other couples from the neighborhood (Blackwells and Tapps) jumped on the Pittman bandwagon!  We had the best time and guess what?  I survived (and enjoyed) being away from my chickens for that long....although five days was enough :-)  Brent lasted 8 days (he stayed longer with the Blackwells and I flew on back with the Tapps).  And here is where I will admit the sad truth...that I honestly came home early just to see my babies!  And I will follow that by saying I have no regrets :-)  
I got to ski Deer Valley and Park City.  Brent (who is a freakin' awesome skier) also skied Alta and Snowbird.  We had gorgeous weather but really could have used some fresh snow before the very last day Brent was there.  As for me, skiing when you are a mother of two and thirty was a whole different ballgame than 5 years ago! 

Before the brunch at Stein Erikson.  Seriously, the best brunch I've ever eaten!
Superbowl Sunday

A Big, Big thank you to Nina and Chappy for taking such good care of the chickens while we were gone.

**Also a Big, Big thank you to Phyl for being 2nd in line this morning (before the crack of dawn) to register Hampton for Mother's Morning Out next year! Here's hoping it was worth it and he gets in!

**One last thing:  Could you please say a prayer for my family and all of Hattiesburg, MS affected by the tornado yesterday.  So thankful everyone is okay (Amazingly, I don't think there were any reported deaths) but my mom and aunt were in its direct path.  This is a picture of my aunt's house.  My Mom lives a couple doors down.

Monday, February 4, 2013

First ER Trip

Sorry for the absence.  I have been just barely keeping my head above water around here.  

It started two Fridays ago with the Hardins first ever trip to the ER.  I woke up about 230am hearing Anne Lowry was just real noisy, like she had a stuffy nose or something.  So, I drift back to sleep but not for long since I was worried about her (I know all you moms out there get it).  However, she was still sleeping soundly.  Finally, I decided to try and suction out her nose even if it meant that it would wake her up (she didn't end up waking up).  When I tried to suction her nose it was completely clear---yet she was still breathing very loud/labored.  

We were set to head out of town that now Brent and I are both is probably 330a....discussing what we should do.  I felt like she needed to be seen by a doctor before we headed out of town just in case it was more serious than I thought it was (RSV had been going around).  I figured I was just going to call the pediatrician's office at 730am when they opened.  

Then I sat straight up in bed---Oh shit! They have predicted an ice storm for Knoxville at 6am.  What if I couldn't make it to the doctor?  New plan.  Get up now.  It's 415am.  We are going to the ER.  I like this plan, now I will at least have Brent there to help me with both the kids.  So, we get up and get ourselves ready (I use this term lightly).  Then we wake the babies up.  It's about 450ish.

This is when it gets scary.  When I woke Anne Lowry up she obviously started crying and then came the seal-like bark and wheezing.  Pitiful and scary.  So, we throw them in the car and head out.  We had to take two cars because Brent was going to have to leave from there to go to work so he took the kids and I followed.  I was smart enough to know I wouldn't have been able to stand it with Anne Lowry crying (sounding like she was going to die) in the back.  

We made it and they got us right back.  So thankful we chose the ER and didn't wait for the pediatrician or Urgent care.  She was diagnosed with Croup immediately.  They gave her some oral steroids and then a breathing treatment which helped 100%.  Then we had to wait there for a couple hours to make sure it didn't happen again.  Thankfully it didn't and we were able to leave and make it home before the roads got too dangerous.  We were also given the go ahead to leave town that afternoon if we wanted.

She was the best little patient ever. 

This was our first ever experience with this sort of thing.  Hampton has never had any sort of respiratory thing besides just the common cold and cough.  It was crazy how fast things changed.  She had been perfectly fine the day before and when I put her to bed that night.  I hope this doesn't mean we are headed down the path of breathing treatments etc..  

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!