Monday, February 4, 2013

First ER Trip

Sorry for the absence.  I have been just barely keeping my head above water around here.  

It started two Fridays ago with the Hardins first ever trip to the ER.  I woke up about 230am hearing Anne Lowry was just real noisy, like she had a stuffy nose or something.  So, I drift back to sleep but not for long since I was worried about her (I know all you moms out there get it).  However, she was still sleeping soundly.  Finally, I decided to try and suction out her nose even if it meant that it would wake her up (she didn't end up waking up).  When I tried to suction her nose it was completely clear---yet she was still breathing very loud/labored.  

We were set to head out of town that now Brent and I are both is probably 330a....discussing what we should do.  I felt like she needed to be seen by a doctor before we headed out of town just in case it was more serious than I thought it was (RSV had been going around).  I figured I was just going to call the pediatrician's office at 730am when they opened.  

Then I sat straight up in bed---Oh shit! They have predicted an ice storm for Knoxville at 6am.  What if I couldn't make it to the doctor?  New plan.  Get up now.  It's 415am.  We are going to the ER.  I like this plan, now I will at least have Brent there to help me with both the kids.  So, we get up and get ourselves ready (I use this term lightly).  Then we wake the babies up.  It's about 450ish.

This is when it gets scary.  When I woke Anne Lowry up she obviously started crying and then came the seal-like bark and wheezing.  Pitiful and scary.  So, we throw them in the car and head out.  We had to take two cars because Brent was going to have to leave from there to go to work so he took the kids and I followed.  I was smart enough to know I wouldn't have been able to stand it with Anne Lowry crying (sounding like she was going to die) in the back.  

We made it and they got us right back.  So thankful we chose the ER and didn't wait for the pediatrician or Urgent care.  She was diagnosed with Croup immediately.  They gave her some oral steroids and then a breathing treatment which helped 100%.  Then we had to wait there for a couple hours to make sure it didn't happen again.  Thankfully it didn't and we were able to leave and make it home before the roads got too dangerous.  We were also given the go ahead to leave town that afternoon if we wanted.

She was the best little patient ever. 

This was our first ever experience with this sort of thing.  Hampton has never had any sort of respiratory thing besides just the common cold and cough.  It was crazy how fast things changed.  She had been perfectly fine the day before and when I put her to bed that night.  I hope this doesn't mean we are headed down the path of breathing treatments etc..  

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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Elenie Counts said...

Precious blog! Found you through my cousin Ashley at OurTaylorMade Life! I'm excited to follow along :)