Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let the "fun" begin!

I  KID.....
I am not looking forward to this although I am anxious to have it behind us.

I cannot believe this time has come.  Definitely bittersweet.  Right now, it feels a little more bitter than sweet.  But, you know what?  That's a good thing.  I remember telling Brent when we were moving up here----that when it came time to leave I just hope and pray we are sad to crying sad.   

Can you smell what I'm cooking??   I did not want us to just make it through these five years, counting down the days when we would move back "home."  More than anything I prayed we would find meaningful relationships.  Believe me, in the first few months here that seemed like an impossible feat.  I remember setting up our checking account here and the girl that helped us seemed about our age and also newly married.  Walking out of the bank I looked at Brent and told him I had almost-- just flat out-- asked her if she wanted to be my friend.  I was becoming desperate :-)  

Then we bought our first home and little did we know that with this house would come so many friendships just by happenstance that we lived in the same neighborhood.  Now, I'm not talking about just a neighborly acquaintance....I mean true, lifelong friendships.  These past 5 years have truly been amazing.  Between us we have welcomed 12 babies (one was already here and he's five now)....and we are not afraid to go out to eat with all of them either :-)  Sad to think that we won't be here when the next baby arrives--that's definitely the bitter part of sweet.  However, each one has assured us they will come and visit....and we have made sure we have room for visitors in our new house!

Now comes the sweet part---

That's right, there is now a new house with a lot more room!  We went down a couple of weekends ago (actually the day Anne Lowry was discharged from the ER) to house hunt and actually made an offer on a house.  We are now under contract!  This would be our new backyard.... 

I can't wait to share more....but I want to make sure it's really ours before I do :-)  More sweetness includes being a lot closer to family and already having friends in our new town....yay for us!  Hopefully, that means I won't be asking the bank teller over for coffee out of desperation but rather just to be nice :-)

Now let's get this house sold people!  

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moving to oxford?? neighborhood looks familiar :)