Monday, February 11, 2013


Lucky for us, our neighbor is doing a one year fellowship in Salt Lake City.  So, we and two other couples from the neighborhood (Blackwells and Tapps) jumped on the Pittman bandwagon!  We had the best time and guess what?  I survived (and enjoyed) being away from my chickens for that long....although five days was enough :-)  Brent lasted 8 days (he stayed longer with the Blackwells and I flew on back with the Tapps).  And here is where I will admit the sad truth...that I honestly came home early just to see my babies!  And I will follow that by saying I have no regrets :-)  
I got to ski Deer Valley and Park City.  Brent (who is a freakin' awesome skier) also skied Alta and Snowbird.  We had gorgeous weather but really could have used some fresh snow before the very last day Brent was there.  As for me, skiing when you are a mother of two and thirty was a whole different ballgame than 5 years ago! 

Before the brunch at Stein Erikson.  Seriously, the best brunch I've ever eaten!
Superbowl Sunday

A Big, Big thank you to Nina and Chappy for taking such good care of the chickens while we were gone.

**Also a Big, Big thank you to Phyl for being 2nd in line this morning (before the crack of dawn) to register Hampton for Mother's Morning Out next year! Here's hoping it was worth it and he gets in!

**One last thing:  Could you please say a prayer for my family and all of Hattiesburg, MS affected by the tornado yesterday.  So thankful everyone is okay (Amazingly, I don't think there were any reported deaths) but my mom and aunt were in its direct path.  This is a picture of my aunt's house.  My Mom lives a couple doors down.

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