Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Smoozesday

**I removed a sentence from the last blog.  Brent told me it had "five" errors.  I could only find one....but I definitely don't claim to be a good speller or good at grammar!  I know y'all are all dying to know what the sentence was now, hehe!

**Night one of Operation: ShowUm Who's Boss was a success.  Everybody stayed in their own beds.  Anne Lowry did not wake up until eight this morning (she didn't even cry at all--I'm sure it was a fluke).  Hampton woke up several times and cried for at least 45 minutes one of the times.  I say several because I can't even remember, it all started to run together.

**I got Hampton's birthday invitations today....they are really cute.  It combines two of his favorite things...Mickey and trains!  Here's where I have a confession.  The thought has crossed my mind to just put one in his scrapbook in a box where the rest of our loose pictures and old Christmas cards are and just let him assume he had a "cute" birthday party!  Please tell me there are other mothers out there [besides my mom and aunts, apparently its passed down through generations] who do not really look forward to planning and having a "cute" birthday party for a child who will not remember it?!?  Now, I'm all about celebrating and making it a special day.....just not a planned party of sorts.  No, you can't fathom?  I realize I'm probably in the minority.  Anyways, we are having a two year old birthday party, March 23rd!  The fact that he didn't have a first birthday planned party and this is his last year in Knoxville we are going big or going home :-)

**I will be sure to do a big #2 post about Hampton.  He is growing up so fast.  I really should have kept doing monthly updates....nah, monthly updates on one child is enough.

Sorry to cut this so short.  I've got to go to bed.

For those of you still reading....The sentence was:

"Brent nor I had been in over 20 years and were throughly entertained."

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Ashley Taylor said...

Oh lord! I'm glad my husband only pretends to contribute to our blog otherwise he would tear up every single post. I'm totally aware that I use unnecessary commas and I don't even pretend to proofread :)