Wednesday, March 6, 2013

AL--5 Months

Where did our baby go?!  And I promise she does smile a lot....just not for our monthly sessions!

I feel like it has been a big, let's see

--size 3 diaper.....4's work too.  You are a chunky monkey
--most 6 mth clothes are too small.  6-9 and 9 mths are more your thing.
--starting to sit up and are really "coordinated."  Meaning, I think you have really good control of your hands, arms and legs for just 5 months old
(I looked back at Hampton's 5 mth post and he had just found his toes!  Ha!  You, Miss Priss, are going to be the athlete of the family :-)    
--eating about 7 oz every 3-4 hours.  Although, sometimes you just want 3 or 4.
--No teeth although I think you are teething
--Enjoying rice cereal.  No foods yet.  
--rolls from back to front, likes to "stand"
--Loves to be facing outward in the baby Bjorn, the exersaucer and will tolerate tv for a little while.
--You've had a cold (along with your  brother and I) for the last week.  I think we are finally getting over it.  Babies with stuffy noses are pitiful :-(
--Pretty much sleeping through the night.  I was going to let you cry it out a little, but then you got sick and I'm just not ready yet.  I do want to document one night--not long ago--that you woke up at 12am and stayed up for FOUR hours and would scream if I put you down.  The only way I could put you down was in your rockandplay in the bathroom with the bath water running (and not just dripping).  I had to wake up your dad to hold you for a little while at one point so I could "regroup!"  Finally, at 4am I put you in the bathroom with the water running...crawled in bed.....and told your dad (who was worried about the water bill) that it was just as if we were using the sprinkler to water our yard.  I fell asleep and at some point he got up and turned the water off after you were asleep.

Anne Lowry, your little personality cracks me up and keeps me on my toes.  You are not nearly as laid back as your brother was.  And to be honest, there are times when your cry makes my blood pressure rise :-)  Just when I think I've got you figured out, you go and change things around.  I love you for it...I really do!  You have completely stolen my heart!  

Happy 5 months, Baby Girl!

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