Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2 Years Old

Hampton's  photo shoot didn't go quite as well as his sister's.  I took him to the neighborhood park dressed in a cute jon-jon and within the first 2 minutes he had fallen in the mud.....then a little girl with a very pink, princess bicycle came along and Hampton could not leave the "sickle, sickle" alone so we had to leave....kicking and screaming might I add!

I was able to capture these gems the other night  Not quite what I had in mind, but I think they do a good job of showing his little personality.  I will try again for a "framer" soon!

All things little boy:  cars, trucks, trains, dogs, bicycles, being outside, water (especially puddles), Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins, hats, shoes, juice, fruit snacks, suckers, ice cream cones, Cars the movie, swings and slides.

haircuts, washing his hair, brushing his teeth (although he doesn't mind sucking the toothpaste off), being told no or time to go.

 Still does not have that many words (I'd guess around 20), however, he "talks" all the time.  He will even combine two words together...."wa-wa gone" or "no, no wa-wa" are the most common.

How do I even begin to describe his personality?  It's almost impossible.  Y'all, he really is the sweetest thing in the world.  He is caring, friendly, sensitive and a little on the shy side while being "all boy" at the same time.  He is also very cautious.  He is very quick to "tell" you that he might hit his head, or his nose, or could poke out his eye :-)  Honestly, Brent and I have made a conscious effort to stop telling him to "be careful" over the little things!  He is the best little cuddle bug in the world.  While I do not think we've entered the terrible twos....the whining has got to go :-)  

Size 2T (shorts more of 18-24mth)
Size 4 diaper
Size 7 shoe

Goes to bed between 8-9 (we are not sticklers by any means) and sleeps until 7-8.  Still in his crib and has never attempted to climb out ....because he might hit his head :-)  Takes one nap a day around 1230.  Usually naps for an hour and a half, but lately has been taking 2-3 hour naps ( I think it's because we've been getting outside a lot more now that the weather is nicer).  

Other things I want to remember...
*For some reason all trucks, big and small, are "mailman's"
*he likes to add an extra syllable onto the end of words: "gone-aye, down-aye"  It makes the word sound  Australian
*The best big brother and has never really been jealous at all. 
*Just now starting to interact some with other kids instead of play alone.
*He would literally watch t.v. all day if I would let him.
*Super smart and can remember stuff from months ago, but has no interest at all in learning to count or his ABC's.  It's honestly getting embarrassing.  Of course, the most common question strangers ask is "how old are you?" and all Hampton will give them is a blank stare or start talking Swahili 
*He knows directions....he can lead the way to the park in our neighborhood and knows if you go right instead of left that we are not going to the park and that usually causes a small meltdown.
*He is starting to become aware of when he tee-tees and for some reason he calls it "juice."  So, if he grabs his crotch and says "juice" that means he's probably tee teeing.  Lovely huh?!  I've tried to sit him on the toilet before but nothing has ever happened.  We aren't close to potty training....which is okay by me at least until we move.
*pretty picky eater and sometimes will not eat anything.


My heart truly aches I love him so much!

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Tina Chapman said...

He is definitely a keeper!! That was the sweetest post and tears ran down my cheeks as I read, because I too love him to the sun and the moon and the stars and back! ❤NINA