Monday, April 22, 2013

Big News x 2

We had Anne Lowry baptized yesterday.  
It was a very special, sweet time for our little family of four.  Anne Lowry was a perfect angel and when I handed her over to our Preacher, Buran, she just stared at him and everybody had a good laugh.  
Seriously, the girl can stare a hole through you!

Hampton, on the other hand, put on quite the show!  He kept saying "Ca-Ca" (candy, since we had been bribing him with it the whole service) and "wa-wa" (water, as soon as Buran uncovered it).  Thankfully besides being a little chatty, he was happy and content the whole time Brent was holding him!

I feel slightly guilty that we did not have a big celebration afterwards....but mostly I feel relief!  I've got a lot of making up to do at somebody's one year old birthday!!

Horrible picture of me, but I thought it was funny --  lesson learned, do not take a picture with something "interesting" behind you.

I still do not have a picture of my two babies together...I think I'm just going to frame this one.

crazy monkey

sweet angel

Now, are y'all ready for the 2nd Big news?
No, I'm not pregnant!  Shame on you for even thinking that :-)

Chunky a tooth!

So funny, because just the other day at her six month check up the doctor looked and commented that her gums weren't even swollen.  Well, yesterday (4/20/13)  I was just letting her gnaw on my finger and felt that sharp, jagged little sucker.  It's the bottom right one.  She's handling this teething thing much better than Hampton did!  I mean seriously we had no clue it was coming!
Tough girl! 
I started writing this post yesterday....Anne Lowry has been sleeping through the night for almost two weeks straight now.....well, last night she was up twice sceaming crying...bless her heart :-)

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