Friday, May 10, 2013

7 months young

--Mostly size 9-12 or 12 mth clothing.
--Size 4 diaper (this is the same size Hampton wears! while just a little too's a lot easier to just use one size)
--Eating 7 oz formula about every 4 hours.  Snacks on just an ounce or two of formula a couple times a day.  We also eat baby food most mornings and nights.  She never really fell into the eat, play, sleep pattern which stressed me out in the beginning....I'm finally accepting that and just rolling with it :-)
--We have tried most all baby food and the only one she is not wild about is peaches.  I would say her favorite is yogurt.  Even though she scarfed down squash....I am not giving her any more.  For some reason the two nights she had squash for dinner she was up multiple times during the night crying.

--Sitting up like a champ.  (We now sit in highchairs at restaurants and ride in the front of shopping carts)
--Does not like her exersaucer very much anymore.
--She slowly "scoots" around.  I can no longer sit her somewhere and expect her to be in the same spot when I return.
--Showing some interest in crawling.  Right now, she can only go backwards when she pushes with her arms.  I have seen her rock back and forth a couple of times.
--wanting/trying to pull up.
--Loves Hampton.
--Will reach for people.
--Easy to laugh.
--In general, sleeps through the night.
--And I'll take a second to brag on my daughter....spit up is basically non existent these days and it has been weeks since she had a poopy diaper blowout, wahoo!

I've decided I like about 3 weeks of the newborn phase and then I much prefer this age!  It is now a lot easier to just go somewhere....I no longer have to pack everything and the kitchen sink in the diaper bag just to run a quick errand and I don't have to time when I leave just right in regards to when she last ate.

Girlfriend, your personality and expressions crack me up all the time.  You are a lot of sweet and a little spicy!   
We love you more than you will ever know!

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