Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting Piggy With It

Pig Jam 2013

Usually, after the "boys" have a few drinks...on any said night....they start dreaming up the wildest plans.  Us wives usually just grin, and nod, and sip on our own glass of wine while chatting about the latest dirty diaper or some other mommy story.....for we know these plans aren't really going to happen....90% of the time at least.

Well, about 1 1/2 months ago the idea of "Pig Jam" was born in lieu of the boys annual weekend camping trip.  The boys started researching, planning, and then sent out an a lot of people....and then a few days later over 100 people had RSVP'd they were coming.  What the What?  None of the guys had ever roasted a pig.  Now, the wives were a lot a little concerned about the logistics of all this.  

Well, the boys totally outdid themselves with little help from us!  The setting was perfect, there was a band, beer, photo booth, and plenty of food/cake!

The Inaugural Pig Jam was a success.....
despite the fact that the pig didn't quite turn out :-)  Can we say pork sushi!  However, a quick run to the nearby BBQ place for a 20lb order of cooked pig solved that problem and everybody was able to eat.  I will say, there were some bruised egos, but nothing a few more beer couldn't take care of.  As Ben said, "maybe we should have had a test run before we invited 100 people." 

I'm sure there will be Pig Jam 2014 because the boys have something to prove....
and we can't wait because it was so much fun!

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