Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Meet "Pup-Dog"

The One and Only!
Seriously, I've tried to find a replacement (just in case)!

 Out of all the stuffed animals in his crib this is the one he has always gravitated towards.  I'm pretty sure my Aunt Neva gave him to me at a baby shower.  

Hampton's "attachment" to this little dog started around 10 months old (or when we started our soft version of cry it out).  I use the word "attachment" kind of lightly because he's never really cried for it or made a big deal if I haven't let him take it out of the crib??  Hampton has also never had to sleep without him, so I'm not sure how that would go!  However, there is no denying his love for Pup-Dog! 

These days there is no telling what Hampton ends up sleeping with!  If he is whining when I place him in his crib I'll say, with a whole lot of empathy in my voice :-)....Oh, what do you need?  And he'll take a moment, assess the room and whatever fancies his pants diaper  at the moment he'll ask for.  You know, the random train on the floor, the big blanket over his chair.  Buzz Lightyear is my least favorite choice because it never fails at some point during the night or early in morning I hear "To Infinity and Beyond" or some other Buzz saying over the monitor and I'm always a little freaked out when I hear a person's voice coming from his room for a split second.

I've also got to mention (since this post is really only for my sake anyways)....Hampton will now ask to "rock."  And although I know 95% of the time it's only to delay going to bed....Who am I kidding, 100% of the time......I LOVE IT!  And I'll sing.  I've got three go to "songs." 

1.  "I love your little toes, I love your little toes, Hi Ho the dairy O, I love your little toes.  I love your little ears, I love your little ears, Hi Ho the dairy O, I love your little ears"
Obviously, I made this song up.  I think its' to the tune of whatever song "Hi Ho the dairy O" comes from.  However, the song is pretty genius if you ask me.  It can go on as long or as short as you want and you can even change body parts you love for characteristics....such as:  "I love your little smile" or "I love your funny jokes."  

2.  Jesus Loves Me....
Only the first verse, after that the lyrics get a little blurry.

3.  You are my Sunshine.
This changes to Monkey too.

I must be really good because Hampton always asks for more!

On a related note---I was rocking Anne Lowry one afternoon and singing song #3 while Hampton was playing with his toys....well, when he realized what I was doing he looked at me like I was cheating on him.  Seriously.  I did not know what to do.  Part of me wanted to stop singing immediately.....but my psychology degree told me to keep singing.  I kept singing and he stopped playing and immediately came to get in my lap.  He didn't seem to mind he had to share my lap.....and song #3 became, "Y'all are my sunshines, my only sunshines...."

These are the days.....


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Ashley Taylor said...

Haha! Love it! Bennett Grace has a favorite pink polka dot stuff dog or "doggie" which she calls it (in the most country voice you have ever heard from a 13 month old). She literally will put it in my lap to watch it while she plays with her other toys and gets very concerned if I'm not paying enough attention to it. I think I should take your advice and look for a replacement just in case!!