Monday, August 26, 2013

Hammer Jammer @ {almost} 2.5 years old

BOY oh BOY! 

I'm really hoping these are the "terrible twos" because if this isn't, and the three's are "worse," I'm not sure I will survive!  It's not even nine o'clock in the morning and it's like I have used up all my "nice-natural" patience for the day :-)  I'm already having to take deep breaths, unclench my jaw, relax and count to ten, hehe!!  

I mean seriously, look at this face....

mischief is just radiating from those baby blues I love so much!!  

So, lets get down to business...

Mostly wearing 2T.  Can still wear some 18-24mth shorts.  I've started buying 3T shirts and longalls for Fall. Pants still 2T for sure.
Size 8 shoe
Size 4 diaper
About 27 lbs

Loves:  his Grandparents, swimming/water (but on his own terms/no going under or water in his face), cars/trucks/tractors, trains, slides, bouncy houses,  juice, ice cream, Popsicles, any candy (he's got his mama's sweet tooth), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington, Toy Story Movie, and Cars Movie.

Dislikes:  washing his hair, drinking water instead of juice.

We finally taught him how to show you he is two years old.  However, we are still lacking in the speech department.  Right now, we are working on saying his name.....and for the life of me he will not even attempt it!  He knows who he is and will point to himself when you say "Hampton" but he refuses to even give me a "Ham, Ham" or anything.  Probably only has about 50 words.  He does put two words together occasionally...."night-night dada" or "wa-wa gone."  I actually just called the pediatrician today to see what we needed to do to start the referral process for speech but he was out and I'm suppose to call back tomorrow.  

Still tends to shy towards the cautious side....but just in the last couple of months is getting really brave.  Last weekend at "Meet the Rebels" he loved jumping in the bouncy house even though it was full of other kids including some 6-7 year olds and he wanted to do a "bouncy house obstacle course" that I was certain he would never make it through.....well, he did and loved it .  I also see him trying to coerce Anne Lowry to try some things first so he can make sure it's safe :-)  Anne Lowry is definitely not as cautious as Hampton was.  I'm in trouble with these two!

As far as "LaLa" goes...He is constantly wanting to knock her down, hit her on top of the head or run her over with some toy.  It is exhausting making sure he does not hurt her but instead "be gentle and kind."  He does love her though and gets so excited when he hears her wake up and he gets to go get her...It's definitely more fun when she's around.  This morning I watched him share some of his "ca-ca" (candy) with her without any prompting....which tells me he really loves her because he loves his candy :-)  He also loves to make her laugh. 

Discipline:  I admit, I struggle in this department.  His cuteness works against me :-)  We do time outs and spankings.  He understands time out so I try to stick with that, but sometimes he just needs a spanking.  When it comes to his safety or hurting Anne Lowry he needs to know what is unacceptable and that usually calls for a spanking.  Spankings make more of an impression (actually, only when they come from Brent)...and he loves to remind you that his dada spanked him.  He'll say "dada" and then demonstrate what happened by lifting his leg and slapping it.  Lovely, right?  But he knows what he did wrong....And hopefully next time he won't run out in the street (and half way down it) without an adult for example.  We are definitely in the "testing boundaries" stage :-)  

We transitioned him to a big boy bed when we moved back in July.  It started out rough (as in I almost bought another crib :-)...but we have finally gotten it sorted out (keeping his door open instead of closing it was key). He LOVES his big boy bed with tractor sheets and does really well now!  He goes to bed between 830-9.  He will wake up crying in the middle of the night about two times a week and I just go get him and bring him to bed with us.  He's been waking up about 7am.  Takes one nap a day for usually about two hours.  I try to hold him off for that nap until a little after one so that it overlaps with Anne Lowry's.

He has peed in the potty twice now.  He's starting to get it...but I am not ready to start potty training.  At this point it is just for fun!  Since finally going in the potty and getting some M&Ms he will now come up to me and say "ca-ca" after he has peed or pooped in his diaper.  Funny kid!

Hampton James,
Don't get me wrong,  you are such a good kid (and still my little cuddle bug) and I'm LOVING this stage.  It is soooo much fun and also incredible watching you  learn/do new things.  I can literally see the wheels turning in your little head....and it is so cool!   You are absolutely precious and I pray to God every. single. night that I don't "ruin" you (or your sister)!  It is an honor to be your Mama and WE are so proud of you!

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