Friday, September 6, 2013

Anne Lowry 11 month

How can it be that my baby will turn ONE in less than a month?!

Mostly size 18 mth clothing.  12 mth dresses, although, I rarely put her in one because she cannot crawl as well in them.
size 4.5 shoe?--The Toms she is wearing in these pictures are 4's and her toe is at the very end.  In reality she's probably only worn shoes eight times her whole life!
Size 4 or 5 diaper. 

7 total teeth (4 top, 3 bottom)
Loves to eat.  Wants whatever anybody else is eating.  We've already eaten eggs, peanut butter, and allergies here :-)
Takes about 2.5 bottles a day.  I've been mixing whole milk and formula.  In fact, this is our last container of formula...I'm not buying anymore.  However, I don't think we will be getting any pay raises in the Hardin House as whole, organic milk freaking cost about $4.38/half gallon.  Since I did organic with Hampton for his first year...I feel like I have to do it for Anne Lowry too!  
Girlfriend is a GREAT eater!  Loves all fruit and carbs.  Will always eat a couple of bites of veggies but will pass over them if anything else is on her plate!
Can drink out of a sippy cup like a champ.

Not sure if I mentioned this in last month's post but :
She can do all of "Patty Cake"
Give high fives
Does "touchdown"
Give awesome open mouthed kisses!

She will now walk behind toys.  Stands by herself.  And just today I saw her let go of one thing to get to another while standing....but no steps yet.  I really figured she would be walking by now since she started crawling so much earlier than Hampton (Hampton just started "walking" right about now).  I am  soooo ready for her to start walking.  Y'all might think I'm crazy but it really will make my life easier plus her wardrobe will double because she can start wearing her dresses :-)

Can say uh-oh, mama, dada, ball, thank you (I'm probably being a little generous in the word department...mostly sounds more than words)
If you tell her "no" real stern...she will just crumble and cry.  It's pitiful.  
She is sweet and spicy/feisty all rolled into one!  She can still stare a hole through you and she has just started swatting at people who try to hold her or even just come up to talk to her if that is not on her agenda.  It's really kind of embarrassing!  I'll tell her she's being ugly.  Here's hoping and praying we can just channel all that personality for the good of this world :-)



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