Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hampton's First Day of MMO 2013

This was the Tuesday after Labor Day.  These are not very good pictures but I felt the need to document anyhow!  Hampton is having a ball and absolutely loving it.  His class is so cute.  On the very first day they had a railroad and trains set out so he was in really.  Ever since, every time I mention school he is sure to say "choo choo."   This year they will even go to "Chapel" for 15 minutes each day.  I think it is going to be a great year!  Remember last year?  There were definitely no tears this year....not even might have even heard a sigh of relief!

In other Hampton news, he is going to be starting speech therapy soon.  Little booger is smart but tests only at 16 months for expressive language (this is talking)!  He tested at 32 months for receptive language.  Once we get started, I will do a whole post on "talking" or lack there of!  

Happy Hump Day, Friends!!

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