Monday, November 25, 2013


The next day it was Vaseline, which was not as easy to get out! #cannotturnmyheadforaminute #prayforme

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just a few days left....

 to fill your boxes!

We've filled ours, and this year I was able to complete two.  Remember last year....Crazy (but good) times!  This year, no tears were shed!  Although, I feel the need to document that on the Walmart trip to fill our boxes yesterday (Hampton was at MMO) Anne Lowry started doing this blood curdling scream to let you know she's simply not digging something.  The kind of scream people hear and they come running to help.  I guess I was hoping this was a one time thing.....of course not!  She started doing that same scream at story time this morning every time another kid (including her brother) tried to play with something she was playing with.  Lovely.

Operation Christmas Child
For more information click here.

these pictures were taken after dinner last night....that's yogurt on Anne Lowry's dress :-)

I am really looking forward to this Christmas season!  

(hopefully, be back soon with trick or treating pictures,,,,I am in a constant state of catching up here on this poor little blog)

Monday, November 18, 2013

One Year Stats (and a note)

as of 10/24/13

Weight:  24lbs 6oz  (88%)
 Height:  30in  (71%)
Head Circumference:  46.5 cm (82%)

Anne Lowry, 
You, my lady, are a little fireball and destined for great things!  Sweet as pie one minute and fighting mad the next.  It is both endearing and throw your hands in the air frustrating.  You don't just give out smiles to anyone but those lucky enough to get one feel like they have won the lottery.....and your laugh, it is infectious.  Mostly, you just aren't very nice when you are tired, and I sure as heck cannot blame you because it is hard for me too at 30 31 :-)  You continue to amaze us with how coordinated and smart you are.  Things like:  two weeks after you started walking I noticed you kicking a truly kicking it soccer style, "jumping" (squatting and standing up), if I tell you something is hot you will blow on it, and can already follow commands such as "go get a diaper."  Anne Lowry, you were meant for me (and this family)...there is no doubt.  We love your precious little self more than words!