Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Wonderland, Aspen 2013

Brent and I jetted to Aspen last week with some friends for some skiing and fun.   Besides a couple of small travel delays due to a winter storm it was perfect and we had the best time.  We also had perfect skiing conditions although it was cold (I don't think it got above 15 degrees the whole time we were there).  Plenty of powder and no ice!  However, the last day was a little too windy at the top of the mountain for me.

side note:  I always have a bit of  anxiety knowing I am about to get on a plane to go across the country without my kids (the winter storm did not make this better)....but I truly realize the benefit of just going---while repeating "no amount of worry will add a single moment to your life" or something like that, from the book of Matthew, I think!  I'm a much better mom if I get a break every once in a while and Brent deserves it is truly a time to invest in our relationship.  

These were the only pictures I took with my big camera...
(no fish were harmed)
This was the SIDE of the house where we stayed!

**Hampton and Anne Lowry stayed with Brent's parents for the long weekend and had a blast!  Hampton is still saying, "mama, dada gone.  me nana."
I think he wants to go back ;-)

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