Friday, January 31, 2014

Anne Lowry {almost} 16 months

The one word I would use to describe Anne Lowry right now is PRECIOUS.
Seriously, everything about her......her toes, fingers, expressions, smile, the way she loves on her baby dolls but also loves cars/trains, her laugh, the way she dances and will play peek-a-boo, finding her sitting in her room reading a book by herself.  I could go on and on but I'm sure you get the drift.  I'm pretty much obsessed with her :-)  I think 15 months wins as my favorite age far (I loved looking back at Hampton when he was 15 months) is shortly after this when their baby pudge starts to disappear and they start to need some discipline in their life.

{pictures from 14 mths by Miki McCurdy}

--size 5 diaper

--24 mth and 2T clothes (a few 18 mth still fit)

--size 5 shoe

--12 teeth with the two lower canines just breaking through

--Favorite foods:  blueberries, mandarin oranges, (basically any fruit), cereal, waffles,  chicken nuggets, yogurt, goldfish, all sweets.  Doesn't much care for vegetables but will usually try whatever you give her.
--Loves:  Her Momma and Daddy, Hampton, her "bun-bun," baby dolls, singing songs (faves: Old McDonald, If You're Happy and You Know it, Wheels on Bus), reading books, cars/trains, baths, shoes.

--Dislikes:  Hampton taking things from her, dogs, running errands (although she is getting much better, thank God).

--Words:  mama, dada, hot dog, nana, dog, pig, baby, juice, door, ta-ta for thanks, milk, wa-wa, shoe, no, bun-bun, I know there are others and she is good at repeating things you ask her too.  

She's never been a TV watcher...but lately she'll sit on the couch with Hampton for about 15 minutes and watch a show.  Her favorites Word World which they both call "dog," and Mickey Mouse.

--One nap around noon for 1.5-2.5 hrs.  Goes to bed around 730p-7a.  Although, for a while she was sleeping until 8 but now for the last 4 days she has been waking up before the sun 6ish...ugh!

LaLa, Lolli, Lollipop (btw, I love your nicknames...your dad will sometimes call you Anne and I only love that because he does it), 

2014 has definitely been your year so far.  For whatever reason, there are far less meltdowns and tantrums and a lot more smiles and sweetness from you.  Maybe because you can communicate so much better or maybe because you can hold your own with Hampton a lot better.....probably a combination :-)  I have also seen glimpses of an undercover cuddlebug in you :-)  Don't get me wrong you are still FULL of personality, feistiness, and love to tell people "NO!"  You are our beautiful, precious baby girl.  We love you more than you will ever know.
xoxo, Mama

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rite of passage

Well, it happened... 

Hampton found a Sharpie marker and by the time I found him (in the closet) he looked like this

And the closet door looked liked this

Brent was quite impressed with Hampton's penmanship and is convinced he really meant to write his name.  I will give him credit for the "H."  The "a" and cursive "r?"  I don't think so! Our almost three year old has never said his own name....however, he can pick out an "H" with the best of them :)

Anyway, a week later and his legs look like this...

I have to admit, it was really hard to be mad (and I wasn't).  For one thing, the reason he got caught when he did because Anne Lowry had shut his fingers in the closet doors so he was already crying....and number two, I feel like I got off really easy...I mean the back of the closet door, hallelujah!  Lastly, I feel like this is some sort of rite of passage to growing up and in a weird way I was kind of proud?!

Lest you think I've completely lost my mind....I did sternly tell Hampton that we are not suppose to write/draw on anything but paper and have adult supervision.

Or maybe I am slowly losing my mind being a stay at home mom???

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY..or don't (more wedding pics)

Did I mentioned it rained ALL. DAY. LONG on Saturday 12-28-13, Jill and Leslie's wedding day? 
Well, it did :-)  Seriously, the sun did not shine on this day in Meridian, MS!  At 10 that morning while we were getting our hair done---it looked like it was already 5:15 that night (while pouring), I laughed when I checked my phone and it said 70% chance of rain at that moment and throughout the day it would progress to 100% right about wedding time :-/

I've got to hand it to Jill---she could not have been a more beautiful bride.....inside and out.  Every comment about rain on your wedding day being lucky was met with a gracious smile  :-)  

So, according to superstition.....Jill and Leslie will have the "luckiest" marriage ever, right?!

Well.....check out The Pink Bride's website for some "facts."

It seems, according to Hindu tradition, Jill and Leslie might end up being the next Duggar family, hehe!

I'm pretty sure Jill might get this expression from Leslie a lot :-)

side note:
Jill's bouquet weighed at least 10lbs and mine was probably 9lbs.  This was not fun during the wedding ceremony when I had to hold both for what felt like forever.  Some of the thoughts that went through my head as Jill and Les committed to a lifetime of love and happiness each other.....**this is, at least, making my arms look good  **this is why God gave me Anne Lowry a year ago, to prepare my arms to be able to complete this task  **preacher, enough with the personalization, get on with it :-)

 one more side note: 
Jill wanted me to "photograph" their departure since the real photographer had already left.  
Well, if this picture would have turned out I might have charged them some money:-)

I'm soooo sad it didn't.  My "good" lens doesn't have an automatic focus feature and I may have had an extra glass of wine at dinner :-/  (To my credit, even sober--half of my pictures are out of focus with this lens though)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rainy Day Fun

Thought I would start using my blogger app on the phone to capture some "what we are doing RIGHT NOW" moments.  Maybe start a weekly segment?!?  "The days are long but the years are short."

Headed straight to the bathtub....then PJs already.

Happy 3 pm folks!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Aunt Jilly Got Married!

wishing y'all a lifetime of happiness, mwah!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013 Highlight Pics

Hampton had a "hard" time opening presents this year......once he opened a present that he loved (i.e. train, plane or automobile) he was done.  He couldn't quite grasp the concept of putting it aside for a bit while he opened another present.  I was a little disappointed at first....but he's two and a half :-)  Bless him!

These next two pictures give me anxiety!

Poor baby girl got a black eye Christmas day.   She tripped in Aunt Paula's kitchen and hit the corner of the cabinets.  I actually did not see it happen :-(  She cried for just a bit and then made a full recovery....girlfriend, is tough!  This picture is from the next day after it happened.  It was a nice yellow color for Aunt Jill's wedding ;-)