Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013 Highlight Pics

Hampton had a "hard" time opening presents this year......once he opened a present that he loved (i.e. train, plane or automobile) he was done.  He couldn't quite grasp the concept of putting it aside for a bit while he opened another present.  I was a little disappointed at first....but he's two and a half :-)  Bless him!

These next two pictures give me anxiety!

Poor baby girl got a black eye Christmas day.   She tripped in Aunt Paula's kitchen and hit the corner of the cabinets.  I actually did not see it happen :-(  She cried for just a bit and then made a full recovery....girlfriend, is tough!  This picture is from the next day after it happened.  It was a nice yellow color for Aunt Jill's wedding ;-)

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