Thursday, January 23, 2014

RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY..or don't (more wedding pics)

Did I mentioned it rained ALL. DAY. LONG on Saturday 12-28-13, Jill and Leslie's wedding day? 
Well, it did :-)  Seriously, the sun did not shine on this day in Meridian, MS!  At 10 that morning while we were getting our hair done---it looked like it was already 5:15 that night (while pouring), I laughed when I checked my phone and it said 70% chance of rain at that moment and throughout the day it would progress to 100% right about wedding time :-/

I've got to hand it to Jill---she could not have been a more beautiful bride.....inside and out.  Every comment about rain on your wedding day being lucky was met with a gracious smile  :-)  

So, according to superstition.....Jill and Leslie will have the "luckiest" marriage ever, right?!

Well.....check out The Pink Bride's website for some "facts."

It seems, according to Hindu tradition, Jill and Leslie might end up being the next Duggar family, hehe!

I'm pretty sure Jill might get this expression from Leslie a lot :-)

side note:
Jill's bouquet weighed at least 10lbs and mine was probably 9lbs.  This was not fun during the wedding ceremony when I had to hold both for what felt like forever.  Some of the thoughts that went through my head as Jill and Les committed to a lifetime of love and happiness each other.....**this is, at least, making my arms look good  **this is why God gave me Anne Lowry a year ago, to prepare my arms to be able to complete this task  **preacher, enough with the personalization, get on with it :-)

 one more side note: 
Jill wanted me to "photograph" their departure since the real photographer had already left.  
Well, if this picture would have turned out I might have charged them some money:-)

I'm soooo sad it didn't.  My "good" lens doesn't have an automatic focus feature and I may have had an extra glass of wine at dinner :-/  (To my credit, even sober--half of my pictures are out of focus with this lens though)

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