Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pictures from my phone...

First baseball game of the season.

This is what happens to little girls who wake up before the sun...they fall asleep at 9am on the way home from dropping Hampton off at school.

Ear wax removal?! 

Stuck :)

My babysitter sent me this picture one night...I thought it was so sweet.

Valentine's Day smooches from our bestie Bennett!

Making a cake on Valentine's Day (in Christmas pajamas because that's how we roll around here)

Morning cartoon watching.

Chick-fil-a ice cream and an indoor slide on a COLD day! 

Happy Hump Day, Peace Out!

Friday, February 21, 2014

16 mth stats

(H) 31.8 inches. 74%
(W) 26lbs 3oz.  84%
(HC) 47cm.  73%

Keeping it real :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A dusting of "noe"

Snow Day!  Yep, everything is shut down :-)  Unfortuantely, Brent had to go in to the hospital though.  Hoping he gets to come home soon....and brings us some doughnuts (I don't why I'm craving doughnuts...I mean, doughnuts and snow makes sense right?!)

It was freezing, but these kiddos loved the snow (Hampton especially) and didn't want to come inside.  Note to self, both kids need a good pair of gloves.

15 minutes later....finally, a promise of hot chocolate got them inside :-)