Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hardin Garden

I am so excited about my garden this year!  I've been known to have a black thumb, but I'm convinced Knoxville just wasn't my jam for growing things....make that green things, because I have to admit I did a mighty fine job at growing two awesome human beings up there ;-)

Anyway, take two twelve(ish)--in Oxford with a flat backyard and plenty of sunshine......and my garden is thriving!  Wahoo.  Seriously, this has been like my third little baby.  I planted it back around Easter so these pictures are a little old....

There are two tomato plants.  In the front, right are cucumbers (the white things are forks so I knew where I planted the seeds).  Front, left 3 green bell pepper plants.  Back, Left zucchini squash (only one plant sprouted from these).

Ill post soon with an updated picture.  The tomato plants are as tall as their cage and as of yesterday I counted 21 tomatoes (all sizes and all still green).  Can't wait for the first harvest!

Now, what I'm sure you have all been waiting of my two little farmers!  The brown headed one has been known to dig and pull up things besides weeds in the garden :-(  That same brown headed one is no longer wearing diapers as of 2 days ago :-)  The blond headed one is talking up a storm and can repeat anything you ask her to.  Our favorite thing she says right now is, "I wuv you too!"  100% preciousness!

Love them so!

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