Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good, Better, Best

I've read three books this year.....which is actually, three more books than I read last year :-)  Anyway, I thought I would share some thoughts in case any of you are looking for some Summer reads.  In summary, I would recommend any of these...

The Invention of Wings was good.  If you liked the book, Secret Life of Bees, then you will definitely enjoy this one.  It is set in Charleston during the early 1900's and is a story of a young "urban slave" who works for the wealthy Grimke family.  I just realized this book has some historical fact to it and was inspired by the story of Sarah Grimke.

get your copy HERE.

The Fault in Our Stars was better.  Very easy read--think teenager level.  I finished it in three days.  Although, I have seen several people refer to it as a beach read...I have to disagree.  Let me warn you, it is sad.  You will probably cry.  Who wants to cry on the beach?!  Not me!  But, I do want to see the movie.  Sounds like Brent's idea of an awesome date night ;)

You can get a copy HERE.

Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society was the best book out of the three...I thought.  Weird name I know and I never get it right when I try to recommend this book.....but if you can just get past that and the fact that this book is written as a series of letters you will not be disappointed.  I loved it!  

You can get a copy and learn a little more about the book HERE.

These are a couple more I've been wanting to read.  Hopefully, I can read one or all before next year!


Have you guys read any good books lately?!

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