Friday, June 6, 2014

I'm going to go ahead and proclaim it....

Hampton is potty trained!!  


Memorial Day, was the day I decided we were going to go "all in" more diapers for Hampton.  Praise the Lord, it has actually been a pretty painless process, he has only had 3 or 4 accidents total including 1 poo poo accident which caused me to say the words "gross" and "yucky" about 100 times. 

He has even been napping in big boy underwear with no accidents.....two nights ago he did not want to put on a pull up before bed time so we gave it a try and he woke up dry...however, last night we tried again and he woke up at 4 soaking wet!  Our biggest obstacle has been pooping in the potty (he has a tendency to just hold it and then his stomach hurts)....but as of a couple days ago, I think we have it figured out :-)  

 I honestly can take no credit...he has done it all.  At 3 years and 2 months he was ready!  I've been the one delaying and dreading it....rightfully so, because it definitely changes things  :-)  All I can say is thank goodness I am not a germaphobe because by the time Hampton gets done doing his business in a public restroom ....He and his biggest cheerleader, AL, have pretty much touched every surface in there (confession:  I don't even try to cover the seat with toilet paper or any of that snazzy stuff) .  But, before you report me to the authorities ....we do try to use a lot of germ-x afterwards :-)

So proud of our little man--he is growing up for sure!!

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