Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summertime phone dump

Before I bombard you with beach pictures :)

Lunch at the pool
Hampton is really into making lines.
Sno Cones.  I sure did miss these while we were in Knoxville.  Who knew snow cone stands weren't a given wherever you live?!
My super heroes (or is it heros?)
Hampton is also in to dressing himself----most of the time he has to wear his "ball game" shirt and they other days he likes to "match!"
Morning time snuggles
Piggy tail love 
AL got ants in her pants at the park a couple days before we left for the beach :( Shockingly, she has not acted like they bother her one bit since it happened.  Girlfriend is tough!!
Not sure if I've mentioned it or not...but I'm going to be an aunt to twins, coming at the end of this year. We went to Mark and Cassey's reveal shower in Indianola to find out two more precious GIRLS were joining the family.  Times sure are changing in the Hardin family....the girls are taking over ;)

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