Monday, August 18, 2014

Beach Vacation 2014 Week One

My side of the family.  Rushs/Chapman/Hardin/Williams and throw in a little Borganelli/Meitzler/Speed  LOVE IT!

Anyway, sorry it has taken forever to get these pictures posted.  Our laptop broke at the beach (cracked screen) so I'm finally breaking down and blogging from our desktop computer....hopefully, the laptop will be fixed soon.  Another reason it has taken me so long to finally post some pictures is because I was in a bit of denial/depression that our vacation was over....I just couldn't bring myself to even look at the pictures!  Seriously, after two full weeks at the beach I fully expected to be ready to come home to my own bed and get the rugrats in theirs---but no, I think I could have stayed forever :-)  We had the best time!!  It's amazing the difference one year was sooo much easier this year with the kiddos.  Brent was finally able to join us Thursday night of this week.  Without further adieu, enjoy!

Disregard Uncle Lowry....he didn't feel very well the first day :-)

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