Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Days of School

Hampton's first day of school was August 25th.  He is going five days a week, 9-12.  He is absolutely loving it.  Although, he doesn't tell me much :-)  A few things I have gotten out of him is that they sit "criss cross applesauce," they play Duck, Duck, Goose and sing some Alligator song.  I finally got a chance to talk with his teacher for longer then two seconds the other day and she said he was doing great and they could understand everything he said for the most part....she also said that they have a really sweet class and that everyone was nice to everyone.  That makes this Momma heart happy and I'm so excited for the rest of the year!  For the first show and tell he brought his baseball glove.....that was after his first several suggestions including 4 plastic balls then some weird stuffed animal I didn't even know we had.  Silly boy!
(these were taken after school because I totally forgot that morning)

Anne Lowry's first day was Sept. 4th.  She is going 2 days a week, 9-12, same place as Hampton. Today was only her second day.  The first day was a zoo at drop off.  So many parents and a lot of babies crying :-)  We had been talking about school and she always wants to go when we take Hampton so I thought it would be a breeze for our little Miss Independent, but with all the commotion I could see her checking everything out...then start shaking...and by the time we got to her room the teacher had to put down the crying baby she was holding to peel Anne Lowry off me who was also screaming.  Two minutes later, by the time I was leaving, she had already stopped crying and was playing.  Today was better but there were still a few tears and the teacher had to peel her off again.  Within 45 seconds she was fine.  I think she is going to LOVE it!  She has two of the sweetest teachers ever and a super cute class.  Each day I have picked her up the teachers have both said she had a GREAT day!

 As for me, I have been counting down the days until September 4th.  After 23 months of always having somebody attached to my side....I am going to have two mornings a week by myself.  OMG! This is life changing, folks!  So, what did I do the very first morning?  I tried to get my MS driver's license....because I still haven't changed it from TN :-)  However, that didn't work.  Then I went to donate blood (because that is something I couldn't do with my tag alongs and I certainly didn't want to get a babysitter to go donate blood, that doesn't sound fun).  Next, I went to have coffee with some friends and wait till it was time to go get my hearts back!  

Kind of feels like a new chapter...sad, but more exciting than anything!

Happy Hump Day, Everybody!!

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