Saturday, September 6, 2014


(First off, can I get a hallelujah, we finally got our laptop back...maybe now I can do a better job of blogging!)

Okay.  On to THE CATCH (last beach post).

Y'all this was pretty crazy.  

We had been watching Jeff (some guy we met on the beach with a sweet family) catch a few small fish out in the ocean throughout the day.  Well, that evening, Brent's dad couldn't stand it anymore so he wandered out (with one of Jeff's extra poles) to see what it was all about.  Fishing is kind of his thing :-)  We were watching from the beach and not 10 minutes later we could tell Jimmy had hooked something.  Well, thirty minutes pass.....then forty-five minutes pass and they are pretty much in the same position.  We are thinking on the beach, maybe his line is just hung up.  Everybody left to go to the pool except me, Brent, Jeff and Anne Lowry.

watching, waiting.

Looks like they are going the wrong way...but at least they have some company and a refill.

making progress?!?

at this point it feels like it has been hours (it has really probably been a little over an hour).  they assure us there is an actual animal on the end of the line, not a Christmas tree.

Still watching, waiting, cheering on Granddaddy!

Luckily, it was a gorgeous evening.  Really, just perfect.

We attracted quite a crowd.

Well, this guy attracted quite a crowd!

This made me nervous when Brent and Jeff went "looking."  Needless to say, they didn't look long :)


finally, so close, what is it going to be....

It was a stingray!!

a BIG stingray!

Whew, Yay!  

These two were the talk of the beach for about 24 hours :)

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