Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Anne Lowry at TWO!

Anne Lowry's actual birthday, 10/4/14, fell on the Saturday ESPN's Gameday came to Oxford for the first time ever.  It was Ole Miss vs. Alabama and Ole Miss WON.  Happy Birthday to Anne Lowry!!  Anyway, she spent the whole day with our babysitter.....whom she LOVES, so it was a win win :-)  

I had already decided that we wouldn't have a party, especially since the town of Oxford was crazy that weekend with football stuff  (poor baby with a birthday right in the middle of football season.....i promise we won't let it stop the celebration from here on out :-)  Anyway, we were planning a small cookout Sunday night with some friends to celebrate but unfortunately my sweet grand dad, Pappy, passed away late Thursday night before your birthday so we headed to Hattiesburg Sunday morning.....with your cookie cake.  

Let's start with the easy stuff...

--30.6 lbs
--34inches tall
(can't remember exactly what precentile these fall into but both were in the eightieth)
--head circ. 49inches
--wearing mostly 3T and a few 2T
--size 7 shoe
--1 nap a day, however, about twice a week you never go to sleep.  You just sit in your bed and play/talk for two hours.   
--Loves:  reading books (favorite book right now is a Doc McStuffins Look and Find), baby dolls (you like to change their diaper, have picnics, and put them to bed), singing songs, Mickey Mouse, mommy/daddy/hamp, yogurt, cheese, water, animal crackers, fruit snacks, suckers, and me to rock you before bed (however, please see dislikes :)
--Dislikes:  Hampton aggravating you, going to bed, when I don't hold you when you ask to be held.
--Your surprised/excited face is priceless.  Actually, you have the best expressions and they are pretty much all priceless.
--If you are about to have a breakdown and cry your little hand goes up to your mouth...sometimes both hands.  It definitely adds to the drama.  Even the doctor made a comment about it at your two year check up.
--you can go from a complete angel to raging mad in less than a second (Lord help me!)
--You are also such a nurturer and encourager.  If I were to say ouch or you see me bump my toe on something, you run over and ask, "you need a band aid?" And when Hampton "wins" you are usually cheering saying, "Yay, Hamp!"  Can't say that Hampton reciprocates those feelings if you win :-)

Your language skills are amazing.  For real.  You've been talking in complete 5-6 word sentences for a while.  Before you turned two you could sing all the ABC's with only a little help.  However, here's how you count, "one, two, three, two, three"  :-)
Some other things you have said recently that I wanted to remember:
**"I bootiful (after I had just gotten you dressed) I wanna go show daddy."
**"I got a wee wee, I can't sit down."
**"Mommy, you sit down right here by me."
**"I got to get out, it's an emergency!" (didn't want to go to bed and wanting to get off air mattress at Phyl and Grandaddy's)
**"I'm a bad guy."  You say this in a really creepy, deep voice.  It was super creepy when I found you in Hampton's room with the lights out climbing on his bookshelf and you had accidentally broken his letter "H."  I said, "what do you think your doing?"  To which you replied, "I'm a bad guy, ha ha ha."  In the creepy voice!

Honestly, I forget you are two sometimes.  I totally stuck three candles into the powder donuts, lit them, we sang happy birthday to you, you blew out the candles....then your daddy asked me why there were three.  I still didn't get it, so he asked me again why there were THREE candles......  Oh my Lord, I seriously thought you were turning three for a minute.  True story!

Dear Anne Lowry,  
You have completely stolen our hearts and keep us on our toes.  Personality is literally coming out of your toes you have so much of it (I do have to admit I get a little nervous thinking about your teenage years though).  You are smart, sweet, funny and tough with a bit of a temper.  I feel so blessed, honored, and grateful that you are my daughter.  Love you more than words could ever say.

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