Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hampy at 3.5

Here's a little update on our favorite little boy!

Buying 3T which fits but can still wear a lot of 2T and some 4T
Size 9.5 shoe

He bought home a school project that (if I remember correctly) he weighed 33lbs and was 33in. tall.

Favorite Foods-- pizza, chicken nuggets, bread and sweets. 
Loves--playing in the dirt, building "houses" aka forts, building "lines," wearing Ole Miss "ballgame" clothes, riding bikes/cars, school, Disney Junior, and cars/planes/trains.
 Not a big fan of....being told no, drinking water, vegetables, but mostly he dislikes being told no :-)
I'm afraid we are experiencing some of the terrible 3's.  EEK.  Nothing too terrible....but we are working on listening and minding the first time preferably without tears, screaming, running from us.  It can be a little exhausting some days :-)

You can't really notice in these pictures but his front, right tooth is dead/black.  He knocked it on the playground at an Ole Miss baseball game this Spring.  I actually think it has lightened up a little bit, may be wishful thinking.

Since school has started his confidence has gone way up which is so fun to watch!

He is going to speech two times a week for 30 minutes with Ms. Ginger.  He loves it and just adores Ms. Ginger.  We are definitely making a lot of progress but still have  He can now at least say his name and it sounds sort of like Hampton :-)  Finally, we can recognize what sounds he has problems making.  I think this is a good sign and shows some of the progress we are making.  In the beginning, as his mom, I still couldn't put my finger on exactly what he was was all so bad!  At least we have something he can work on now :-)  For example, He cannot say the "f" sound.  Most of his F's sound like "sh."  So, we have "shiretrucks" for firetrucks, etc.  (However, as a speech info tidbit....the "F" sound typically isn't mastered until age 4, so we aren't even working on that yet.)  

    He still won't sing his ABC's (or even count to 10).  In fact, every time I start to sing the ABC's or try to get him to sing his he says, "NOOOOO."  Occasionally, he'll sing to F.  But then he will blow you a way by recognizing all the letters in his name.  Or just this morning he was wearing a shirt with his initials on I was talking to him about them...our conversation went like this:

Me:  H, for Hampton.  J, for James.  
Hampton:  J?
Me: yes.
Hampton:  Jesus!
Me:  umm, okay, yes!

Needless to say, our conversation took a little turn for the best!  I love hearing him talk about God and Jesus.  Another phrase we are hearing a lot, "God made the rain?"  or "God made the ant?"  So on and so on.  95% of the time this is followed by "WHY?"  Brent is soo much better at answering these questions :-)

Anyway, there is no questioning his intelligence even if he won't do the typical tricks another kid might do such as sing all the ABC's or count to 100.  I think a lot has to do with his speech issues but I truly believe it will all work itself out.   Until then I will just keep trying to pray more about it and worry less :)

Hampton, you are no longer a toddler, but a fast "shast" little kid.  You are caring and sensitive with a big dose of silliness.  I, along with your dad and sister, ADORE and LOVE you!  We are so PROUD of YOU!


Up next:  AL turns 2.....this Saturday, when College Game Day comes to Ole Miss for the first time in school history!  #atleastshelovesourbabysitter 

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