Friday, October 24, 2014

UM vs. UT

Westwood/Knoxville comes to Oxford!!
we missed you Martins, Sullivans and Peter :-(

Brent and I sure do miss doing life with these guys!  However, so thankful for those five years and these lifelong friendships.  Also, thankful for a VERY FUN, ADULT ONLY weekend.  I still do not think I have recovered 100%.

(Miss Landry, 3 mths old, broke the rules and got to come too....I don't think I've ever seen an easier baby...except maybe one of those Blackwell babies :-)

(Also noteworthy.....Meg left her baby overnight for the first time ever in his 2.5 years)

I had to include this "bad" picture of us about to pile into the limo, I won't even try to REALLY just had to be there :-)

So sad Ole Miss and UT are not playing again anytime in the near future....but I hope when they finally do, we will all do it again!  

***I'm sure everybody knows Ole Miss won.  We are now 7-0, and ranked #3 in the country (MS State is #1).  I can not even explain what a wild, fun season this has been.  It seriously feels like a dream.  So proud of our Rebels!

***Still working on Anne Lowry's TWO year old post!

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