Monday, December 8, 2014

Meeting Santa Claus

Hampton was so excited....

but when it came time to sit on his lap, he got a little shy.  Anne Lowry likes Santa, but the girl does not like mascots or anything of the such so I knew she was not going to be a fan of Santa in the flesh :)  She actually tolerated him better than I thought she would and didn't scream....she just sat frozen like this....

Then we decorated and ate cookies while Hampton chased two girls from his class :-)

Towards the end of the night....we tried again and it went a little better!

So what did they ask for?

Hampton is asking for a "pirate telescope" and a flute/recorder.  

Anne Lowry is asking for a "pink car."

I think we got it pretty easy!  For a while every time I (or somebody else) asked them what they wanted Santa to bring them they asked for something different.  Usually what they had just seen on TV or played with at somebody else's house.   However, both have consistently asked for the above for several weeks straight.  I'm nervous they are going to start asking for something new two days before Christmas.  The only thing Santa lacks to get is the "pink car."  I persuaded her that she just wants a small pink car.  

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