Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Miracle (and Garth)

Well, did y'all wonder where I went?  

About a week before Christmas, I (because I don't won't to blame a two year old, ahem AL) spilled a full cup of coffee across the keyboard of our laptop....I immediately jumped up and dried it but it eventually died and would never turn back on :-(  As a last ditch effort I put the computer in a BIG bag of rice....and there it set for a whole week.  I took it out and tried to turn it on but still nothing so I just stuck it back in the BIG bag of rice......mostly because I didn't want to tell Brent it didn't work!  I was sure there was no hope for the thing.  My biggest worry was losing everything on the computer including pictures and documents......however, somebody did tell me that the same thing happened to them and although their computer was toast the computer store was able to save all their info.  I didn't even ask how much it cost.  Anyway, fast forward to today......and after about 3 weeks in the BIG bag of rice the darn thing turned on, and after a few weird noises seems to be working perfectly except for some sticky keys.  Hallelujah!  I'm pretty sure it is on its last leg and no telling how long it has left, but at least we were able to get everything backed up on an external hard drive!  So, if that ever happens to you....the bag of rice trick really does may just take a month!

Now, on to Garth.  Two weeks before Christmas Brent and I headed to Little Rock to meet some friends and see Garth!  Best. Concert. Ever.  Thankful for grandparents who are willing to keep our wild ones and fun, kid free times with my man! 

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