Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

--one can cream of potato soup     
--1 can cream of chicken soup
--one large can of Veg All (partially drained)   
--2 cups diced cooked chicken (I typically use a Rotisserie Ckn)
--a splash of milk 
--2 pie crusts  (I used one frozen deep dish crust and covered it with one of those Pillsbury roll out crust you find in the refrigerator section in a box.)
--1 egg lightly beaten (optional)
--salt/pepper (optional)

Preheat oven to 375.  Combine soups, Veg-All, chicken and milk.  Salt and pepper mixture to taste.  Spoon into 1 pie crust.  Cover with remaining crust.  Crimp the edges to seal.  Slit top of crust and brush with egg (if desired).  Bake approximately 40 minutes and then let cool for 10 minutes.

This is not the best picture...You just have to trust me that it looked a little prettier in person and was really good!  Also, this is one of those dishes that is just as good the next day reheated!

This would be good on a "snow" day!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bring on the Food!

Last week I took dinner to a friend that just had a baby.  I love to cook so this is one of my favorite ways to "help" if I can.  However, for whatever reason, I was having a hard time coming up with something that sounded good.  I usually take...Chicken spaghetti, green beans, bread, fruit and sometimes dessert (typically brownies or slice and bake cookies).  However, we had just recently had chicken spaghetti and whatever I make I just split or make double for my family that night.  I also noticed on the Meal Train there were several other spaghetti's listed, so I was trying to think outside the box.  

Here is what I ended up taking.  I'm thinking this is going to be my new "go to" dinner to take.  It all came together so easy.  

Chicken Pot Pie
Salad w/homemade Ranch dressing
Bread (Sister Schubert's)
Peach Cobbler with Ice Cream

**All disposable containers = nothing to return afterwards :-)

**Salad.  Easy to remove what you don't like.

**I always like to include fresh fruit--especially if they have a toddler.  I figure even if the toddler is extremely picky---between the fruit and bread, he/she won't go hungry.

Maybe this will give you a new idea or two.  I know from experience that there is nothing better than a home cooked meal for you and your family that you didn't have to cook or clean up after when things are crazy!

  Stay tuned for the Chicken Pot Pie recipe...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Heart Day!

From our Little Loves...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Princess Ball

Anne Lowry and her daddy had a "date" the other night to the Princess Ball put on by Chick-fil-a.  Oh.My.Goodness.The.Sweetness.  Someone loves their daddy :-)
And from what I understand, although it was a bit overwhelming, everyone had a great time.  

I think I need to practice my princess hair :-)  Fortunately, she did not care one bit....I think we may be on the same princess wave length, if you know what I mean ;-)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Random, Random (time for a blog)

**2015 has started off with a bang and not necessarily in a good way.  We lost my grandmother 3 months after Pappy (tomorrow would have been their 62nd wedding anniversary), cancer, normal Winter sicknesses, Brent studying for his boards, boards, and an upcoming knee surgery.

**I have not taken any pictures with my camera since Christmas.....which in turn leads to less blogs, because let's face it...the best part of a blog are the pictures :-)  So, I thought I would include some pictures from last football season that I never posted while I ramble....

**I registered Hampton for Pre-K the other day.  Can you believe it?  If he gets in....he will ride the school bus next year!  Am I sad that my "baby" will be in Pre-K next year?  No!  I'm definitely more of a wahoo parent then a boohoo parent :-)

**One of my favorite things about after Christmas is that for a couple of months everybody has plenty of matching socks and underwear.  Where they disappear to is beyond me.  In six months I will realize that I'm having to do laundry more often then I would like just for everyone to have clean underwear.....and I won't just go out and buy anymore, I don't know why.

**For some reason my favorite shampoo that works the best for my hair is Head and Shoulders.  I feel like an old man when I have to buy it.  A close second is Herbal Essences, either the blue (Moisture) or yellow (Honey, I'm strong).

**Hampton and Anne Lowry are really starting to play together....which means less fighting.  Seriously, lately they have been playing together for sometimes an hour or so....without fighting.  This is major and glorious.  I LOVE watching/listening to them, warms my heart :-)  One of the things they love to play is "Mommy and Daddy."  Where somebody is the Mommy or Daddy and the other is the baby.  It is pretty funny.

**Hampton + scooter = Preciousness.  He is really good on that little thing and I love watching him ride it....sooo cute!  He prefers it over his bike.  This would be a good thing to take pictures of the next time we take it to the park....have I mentioned it's the cutest and I definitely want to always remember!  Phyll and Granddaddy gave it to him for Christmas, it's a Y Bike scooter.  I highly recommend.

**Speaking of Hampton....a little boy and his TT, I swear!  If you don't watch him go potty there is no telling where TT is going to end up.  The other day, I walked in after he had gone to the restroom and it was EVERYWHERE.  I'm pretty sure he just used the back of the seat as a backboard.  I was mad.  I mean, in the beginning, during the "learning" phase this was acceptable, but now he knows how to do it right.  We've also had to have the discussion that the trashcan that sits beside the toilet is not an acceptable place to aim.  BOYS!

**Anne Lowry, seriously, cracks me up multiple times a day.  She is so smart/observant and talks so clearly it's scary.   One of the funnier things she has started saying recently is "I smell sum-pen" as she crinkles her nose.  Really, don't try to sneak a poot around her....she will smell it....and comment :-)  

**While these ages are trying, almost 4 years old and a mature 2 year old, it is so much fun and gives new meaning to going and doing.  I mean, it feels like it is more for them now than me....and they actually might remember it forever.  This is also scary :-)    Does this even make sense?

**Looking forward to baseball season.

**Told you this was random :-)