Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snow Day 2/25/15

It was truly a Winter Wonderland.  It started snowing around 12:30pm and didn't stop till around 5ish.  Best part was that Brent was able to come home around lunch time so he got to play too.  It was a perfect day in my book!

I'm not sure who taught him to do a snow angel.....he just started doing it on his own.

She loved the snow.

Hampton had had the flu so he was still a little puny....this was his first fever free day.

making a snowman

Brent introduced AL to eating snow

She was a fan!

And wouldn't stop!

Drink Local!

Igloo making...

I tried my hardest to get a picture of the two of them together....none were frame worthy!

Proof I was there :-)


And we are done, cold hands.  Must buy better gloves :-)

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