Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break Mini Adventure {Day 1}

We use the term Spring Break lightly around here....with a three (almost four, eek) and two year old, it is basically just another week in the life of :-)  Anyway, last Friday I took the kids and met Phyl and my nephews in Memphis for a little adventure (sadly, Cassey and Rose had to miss out because Rosie was sick).  I'm pretty sure this made up for an otherwise normal week :-)

First stop Sky Zone!

These boys are getting so big.  Hampton and AL adore them :-)

Getting so big herself!

Hampton's favorite thing....running and jumping into the pit.  One year ago, my little cautious guy would have never done this by himself.  He is really starting to come out of his shell, 4 is going to be a fun age!! 

Dodge ball {Nored played for almost the whole time}

Dodge ball for the littles.

Jump, Jump, Jump

Phyl jumped too!  I did not realize at the time but they all coordinate, should have gotten a group picture when they are all being still :-)

Next stop, America's Incredible Pizza.  Umm, this place is like a Chucky Cheese's on crack!  I didn't get many pictures because I was making sure I didn't lose one of mine in the chaos!

This was a "ride" where you watch the screen and your seat moves/fans blow to make it feel like you are on a roller coaster thing.  I wasn't sure if Hampton would like it but he jumped right on up there and then wanted to do it again.  It was hysterical watching both of their faces.  I almost wet my pants!  Not kidding.  Then I had to try it out too :-)

After this we went to meet Granddaddy and check into the hotel.  Dinner at a nearby Mexican place (Phyl's and my margaritas were very much earned after all that fun) and then I took mine straight to bed!

Fun times, good memories!

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